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Ghoul's Forest - A look back on the past 10 years


Making this thread because, wow... It's been like, 10 years or so since the original Ghoul came out? (2005) I just want to go back and give CutmanMike himself a huge thank you for creating possibly my first horror experience in my childhood, The mod was probably one of the first things to even get me into Doom modding in general. It's pretty surprising to think it's been so long, huh? Even if the Ghouls have been put to rest, I still am holding onto my memories hoping maybe someday we'll step into the forest once more, Possibly as a next-gen GZDoom mod or a full-fledged independent game should it happen, As I've heard Cutty himself moved on from the Doom Community for the most part.

But, That's besides the point. The point here, Thanks for all the scares and screams you brought to us as well as being a huge inspiration and influence with horror themed Doom mods in general. Rather than just being some guy walking around dark corridors completely powerless, Your goal was to face your fear and really - I miss games like that in general, Even if they give you the shittiest weapon as your only option it's at least something.

You're welcome! I always had plans in my heart to make another one, but they never came to be. I was always interested in making it more "gamplay" than "horror" but it seems everyone was more interested in the horror aspect of the mod, something that I don't think I can really improve on anymore. The "survive alone in dark forest" concept has been done to death by now and in more modern engines too. MM8BDM consumes my free modding time now and after that I'll probably want to move onto something new, rather than going back.


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