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Magnet Dood:

Welcome to Cossack Crusaders!
Mega Man is in trouble again-- Dr. Wily has wiped out all of Dr. Light's robots in a brazen attack, and he's kidnapped the good doctor-- and Roll, too! Desperate for help, Rock turns to an old friend (and foe) in the snow-covered Russian hills. But Dr. Cossack gives him much more than a hand; in fact, he gives him eight pairs! His Robot Masters are ready to turn the tides in Mega Man's favor!
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Who will you go after first?
What is this?
Cossack Crusaders is a new mod designed to bring back the single-player experience offered by MMSP, SiN, and MMXSP a few years ago. It was always one of my favorite experiences in 8-Bit Deathmatch, and breathing new life into it via this mod has been extremely rewarding and fun. Fight your way through 8 stages and bring down that malevolent menace Wily!

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Watch out for these aggressive apes!
What's in it?
Play as 9 classes, each with their own special playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses!
Collect 72 unique weapons among each class to help you turn the tide of battle!
Explore 8 different stages, each guarded by a tough-as-nails Robot Master and crawling with mechanical minions!
Team up with your friends online to take on Wily's robots together!

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Cossack's Lab serves as a cozy base of operations in the harsh Siberian climate.
Great! When will it be released?
Excellent question. We have one stage fully completed so far, but we want to include another so the beta doesn't get too stale right away. This is a pretty massive undertaking filled with new assets and lots of time and manpower, so don't expect it to be out right away. That being said, we will let you know when you can take on Wily's forces!

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Don't get burnt to a crisp!
Who's working on this thing?
Our team is as follows:
Magnet Dood: Expansion Head
Trillster: Coder
Russel: Coder
Ehibika: Coder
Pegg: Spriter
FTX: Spriter
Llamahombre: Mapper
Dr. Freeman: Mapper
Duora Super Gyro: Mapper
Tlp: Beta Tester
TerminusEst13: Beta Tester
Cutmanmike: All-Seeing Eye

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Welcome to your doom, numbskull!
I want to help! How do I sign up?
Send me a message over Discord or PM me here for details on what you can do! If we think you're up to snuff, give us a hand! The more the merrier!

We're excited to bring this to you as a new chapter in singleplayer experiences. Stay tuned in to this topic for more updates in the future!

Until next time!
- Cossack Labs

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All of Cossack's robots are at your disposal. And we mean all of them.

Woah i can't wait for release this mods.

You're Very Good! :) and Use My Sprites!

Lighter Dude:
Oh wow! I can't wait! It looks like it's gonna be great! Keep up the good work!


MMSP is back

I need a moment to not get my hopes up



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