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This is the official topic to post all feedback in about GVHv3b2 (or later) and related files.

Current version (V3B6) download links:
BE: ... battle.pk3 ... -santa.pk3

Previous version: (Contains Yurei Battle and Santa as well.)

Previous betas:
(click to show/hide)GVH:
Yurei Battle: for proper hosting of v3b3) (updated)
Here's the changelist:
(click to show/hide)Humans:
-Engineer: Saw Traps have 75% chance to drop as ammo when broken/expired.
-Engineer: Fired Saws will now become ammo instead of traps, and pierce armor.
-Engineer: Now starts with 30 saws. Altfire creates Traps (max 15 per engineer).
-Engineer: Fired Saws damage formula changed: random(17,18), (remember, they hit multiple times)
(They also seem to hurt stationary targets alot more then moving ones.)
-Cyborg: New fuel system, lower Fuel cap, but regenerates to 75.
-Cyborg: Plasma damage reworked to formula: random(16-28) per hit.
-Ghostbuster: Proton Pack rate of fire slightly reduced.
-Ghostbuster: Small damage reduction on Ice weapon. Reduced ammo usage.
-Ghostbuster: Weapons upgrades given Mega-Man style! Can swap freely between them.
-Ghostbuster: UseInventory button sacrifices currently held upgrade weapon for ammo.
-Ghostbuster: Altfire now switches to Ghost Traps instead.
-Hunter: Normal Bow made slightly slower, slows user down minimally.
-Hunter: Normal Arrows do 35 damage on Sjas, 41 on Jitterskull.
-Hunter: Now starts with 40 arrows by default.
-Hunter: Lightning bow replaced with a new one that shoots a initially low-damage
projectile, which powers up as it moves to its target. Worse then normal arrows at
short range, but stronger then other attacks at longer range. Goes up to 60 damage.

-Sjas: Minor range increase.
-Jitterskull: Nerfed range if having moved recently.
-Jitterskull: x2 blood recovery. Faster normal recovery.
-Jitterskull: Now passes through Creepers and Jitterskulls, no more unwanted creeper blocking.
-Jitterskull: Now takes 1.3 damage from lightning instead of 1.6. Still takes 1.6 damage from railguns.
-Creeper: Now passes through Jitterskulls and Creepers as well.
-Creeper: Altfire hits no longer gets accuracy medals that would otherwise reveal his position.
-Choke: Small range increase to: 58. Even more fixes to bloodball animation.
-Choke: Satan's Sniper achievement no longer stops working when Santa is added.
S. Sniper also no longer triggers when you shoot a Bloodball really far, then kill w/ Munch or close-range balls.
-Frost Bite: Fixed armor-related bugs. Can now bite even without ammo for Breath.

-A very few map changes (see below), also replaced a rather poor map with a better one.
-Compatflags are now handled automatically unless gvh_dontforcecompat is set to true.
-sv_useteamstartsindm will be enforced by default unless disabled with gvh_dontforceteamspawn.
-The Titlemap will automatically set gvh_incampaign to true which changes some settings for better gameplay in campaign.
-Added an keybind to display class information, similar to the achievement list.
It should hopefully prove handy to give newbies an idea what each class does. (Just dont mind the shitty image quality)
-Class info/Achievement List no longer triggers when not identifying the class.
(It checks for certain weapons, so it wont work in Yurei Battle, as it replaces weapons.)
-Gave Arrow and Saw ammo drops larger pickup radius.
-Cyborg/Ghostbuster: Added a message about useinventory on respawn/enter per session.
-Various changes to bots (see below).
-Trap-Tastic now requires 4 kills.
-Changing music for TDM requires Fraglimit to be at 6 or higher.
-Added minimum requirement of 3 or more winlimit before the special TLMS last round music can play.
-Fixed music changes happening when they shouldn't.
-No longer clears previously added bots anymore.
-Team Boost Mechanic: Team balancer that boosts stats of the smaller team. This is to discourage stacking teams.
-Team Boosts in Team Deathmatch will wait for a moment before it checks the teams.
-Slight changes to Campaign to generally improve it, and the AI in some maps.
-Added notifications to the anti-cheat scripts, allowing use of models for clients now functions as intended.
-More strict anti-cheat scripts, so it shouldn't spam the server log with messages.
-Changed Lightning Mastery requirements to killing 3 Ghouls at long range.
-Hunter's arrows, Saws and Hollies now have +SKYEXPLODE (They'll 'hit' the sky, instead of disappear).
-Optimized various HUD messages so they look better with various HUD bar settings.
(No more text being compressed by a large HUD bar, wouldnt know anyone who uses that stuff, though...)

-New map: Replaced old GVH37(Mountainside Storage Facility) with a new GVH37 (Downtown Night).
-GVH01: The intro message now triggers on Open instead of Enter, like all the other maps.
-GVH31 & GVH32: Intro messages have been added (they didnt have any).
-GVH39: Changed intro message from Russian (i think) to English.

Bot-only changes:
-All Human bots: Retreats on damage. Will stay further away.
-Frostbite: Now can use normal breath during gvh_advancedbots.
-Frostbite: The 'shotgun breath' is now a Super weapon instead.
-Cyborg: May randomly dash into any direction when damaged.
-Cyborg & GhostBuster: Will make distance when out of ammo.
-Sjas: Far more agressive during gvh_advancedbots/gvh_superbots.
-Choke: Bot animations for the (Super) Bloodball hopefully fixed.
-Jitterskull: Super Bot version nerfed; longer delay after super, blood delay.
-Human Bots: Now have gvh_botstayaway and gvh_botstayawaymore flags to always run
off and stay away even when not hurt. Like, you know, actual humans. :P

Yurei Battle:
-No more ghouls allowed in the arena. Again. (Dont use random!)
-LOTS of bugfixing. Monster should be less blind now. No more infinite looping monster spawning?
-Flashing on the HUD should work properly again, as well, for in-game players.
-Autosaving works (again?) for Campaign mode. Autosave for Finale also added.
-Ghostbusters can only gain a weapon from a killed ghoul once. No ammo refills on kill.
-Dieing as a Ghostbuster while holding fire on Bone Cannon no longer bugs ammo regen.
-Flame Vortex: Now has a startup moment to make it more fair. And a duration limit.
-Made some Hard Mode attacks a bit more fair.
-The white screen ending in singleplayer now doesnt take forever to finish. Ending works properly now too.

-Updated Santa to work with the team-boosting mechanic.
-Now can make use of the improved bot AI as well.
-Santa should now stop flickering all the time in the select screen.
-Hollies can only be picked up by Santa's now. Fixed gaining too much Holly ammo. Will hit skies instead of disappearing into them.
-Santa no longer picks up Saws anymore.
-Also comes with a class information page. (Now in even worse image quality! - I cant help it, graphics aren't my thing... :P)GVH is still subject to change, and feedback is highly encouraged as it will make things a little easier, as not all things can be succesfully tested on bots. :P

Please put any bugs you see in here as well with if possible, an image (ImageShack is exellent for image hosting), and all the details you can offer, such as (if that applies) how a bug is reproduced, where on the map the bug is (you can turn on the map overlay or make a second screenshot of the in-game map), and anything else important.

Though if im around in a game of GVH i guess you could give me any bugs and/or feedback there as well. This topic will do fine for any questions as well. And its highly appreciated if people host it so i can get alot more feedback. I'll probaly host this frequently as long as it needs testing.
Edit: Well this topic should work out for feedback about the official release too.

Hmm... What happened to your post LlamaHombre? I'll post my reply anyway.

--- Quote ---Hey dont complain untill you've tested it, its not THAT bad, thats why it needs testing, alot of it! Trust me... Heck he's my favourite class and im really good with him as well, i know what im doing. If all else fails some changes can get reverted to normal, its still a beta.
--- End quote ---
Hope i didnt click anything unintentionally...


--- Quote from: "CarThief" ---
(click to show/hide)Global:
-Achievements have been fixed and should work correctly.
-Setting 'timidity_byteswap' to true should disable Creeper pop ups. They are enabled by default, still.
This will not interfere with the mechanic at all if disabled. This is a client-side setting. Like how loud you put your music.

-Marine now has 250 Machinegun ammo.
Ken would like this.
-Cyborg's Jetpack dash no longer makes him invulnerable at some points.
A good nerf, I never noticed it.
-Engineer's Nailgun now does a bit less damage but is faster. Altfire damage reduced a bit.
-GhostBuster: Ammo reduced to 150, ammo costs ajusted accordingly, Blood Spreader deals less damage.
Good, ghostbuster needed a nerf.
-Hunter: Lightning bow deals slightly less damage to some ghouls, and now has a longer cooldown after use.
There goes my fun.
-Hunter: Normal bow now enables the Hunter to fire a free arrow that is drawn incredibily slowly and doesnt spawn ammo.
-Santa: Snowgun altfire ajusted. Main fire made slightly faster with less damage like the Engineer's.
Good, but Santa needs to be as powerful as the engineer.
-Santa: Archievements dug up from old times have been added!

-Jitterskull has his attack range reduced and a longer cooldown after missing.
This needs good testing vs human opponents, along with some Human changes.

-Various things fixed. Box trap in the Docks now is escapable.
Never noticed, but nice fix.
-Fixed some missing textures. Tell me if you find any!
Alrighty then!
--- End quote ---

EDIT: Just to let you know, I deleted my post to make this list of opinions.

Jitterskull is my favorite class as well, because he was the easiest class to aim with!

Hopefully he still is, because I can't test right now!

Oh, and with slightly less damage more specifically i mean Jitterskull on full HP takes hmm... I think 2 hits before dieing, leaving him at a measely 10ish hp. Frostbite takes less damage but still dies on the same amount of hits like before. Requiring Hunters to change their tactics a little to not have a guaranteed Jitter obliterating tactic, weaknesses are fine, but it got a little overboard considering attacking is his weakness in that aspect.

Now this just needs a fair bit of testing, i've already put up a server. :P

If Jitterskull takes more than 2 lightning arrows, Hunters are screwed! I'm surprised you nerfed Jitterskull of all things though, maybe that will balance it out..


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