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Classes 2v2 Antidraft Tournament (Sacrifice for Zand 3) (Also Slashman)

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Orange juice :l:
The Christmas Season, a time for togetherness, friendship, and spending time with your family. Also. to beat up other friends and families? This tournament, organized as a formal sacrifice to usher in Zandronum 3.0 for early in the new year, and thus interrupt the tournament, will see you teaming up with one other player and will include CBM. However, you'll be leaving your comfort zone as your opponents will be picking one of your classes!

Win one map and your team will earn the Cutstuff Enthusiast Medal!

Music Pack:

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Matches will proceed as thus:
When each team signs up, they will BLOCK and BAN 5 classes each for the entire tournament. These are freely changeable until their first match happens.

Final Arbitration: Block - Ban - Map - Nemesis - Pick

Teams are not obligated to play as classes they block. Ergo, they should BLOCK classes they do not wish to play.
Neither team may plan any class banned by either team. Ergo, teams should BAN classes they do not wish to play against.

When a match begins, teams will block another 5 then ban another 5 classes, alternating each pick. This happens before each MATCH.

Once all blocks and bans are in place, both teams must deliberate among themselves as to their NEMESIS PICK. This is a class that the opposing team must play as, but the team playing the class selects which player will use it. Both teams' Nemesis Picks will be stated at the same time and may not be changed once announced. Recall no banned classes or classes blocked by the opponent are valid Nemesis Picks. Nemesis and Self Picks are done every MAP.

In case it wasn't obvious, you can't ban a class that was already selected in the Nemesis Pick.

Once the Nemesis Picks are complete, each team will select a class for their other player to use in the map. They do not need to announce what this class is before the match begins or who is using which class. Remember that no banned class is valid for this pick- you may use a class your team blocked if you so wish.

Each match is comprised of a best-of-3 maps. Maps are selected as most tournaments before: one team selects a map, the other team selects the second map, and both teams must agree on the third map if applicable.

Matches will take place in TLMS with 6 respawns per player that are NOT shared. If one player loses their respawns, their teammate is on their own!

Double Elimination Bracket.

(click to show/hide)yd_noweakness 1
sv_forcerespawn 1
sv_chasecam 0
Winlimit 2
sv_weapondrop 0
sv_unblockplayers 0
sv_unblockallies 0
MM7CLO MM8CLO MM5WAV MM5GYR, CTF and custom maps legal on mutual agreement only.

Unlike prior tournaments, players are allowed to use the same class if desired. Please note this implies you want another dose of what the opposing team is serving you, of course!

Footnote: Remember that since this is TLMS, copyweps will be given a selection of weapons. As a discount deal, you can spend TWO of your bans or blocks, either permenant or per-match, on the full Copywep package: (click to show/hide)Megaman
(click to show/hide)Because Zandronum 3.0 and thus MM8BDM-v5b and hopefully a classes compat update are coming soon, the tournament will be placed on hold in case this happens. If uncontinuable on modern versions for an extended period of time, reverting to a previous build will be considered. Else, if updated, the tournament will continue as normal but all global bans and blocks will be reassignable in the case balance is changed in the compatability patch.

Also note that because of this, I would like this tournament to proceed as quickly as possible. Thus, teams may not be accepted if players have poor attendance records in prior tournaments.
(click to show/hide)Also, there will be a SLASHMAN ONLY TOURNAMENT. 1v1, 7 frag buckshot duel. No classes except slashman are allowed. Best of 3 maps per match.
This tournament will be Double Elimination with 8 slots. Maybe more if people desperately want in...

Signup Form:
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Player 1:
Player 2:
Times Available:
Contact Info:
5 Blocked Classes:
5 Banned Classes:
Player 1's Theme:
Player 2's Theme:
Team Theme:
Entering Slashman Tourney?:

How bad can it be?

I love trying out new classes. When are we aware of the opponent choices, anyway? Just before the match starts? At least give the player some brief period to try the class's weapon system.

oh boy another tournament

Team Name: Bad Company
Player 1: Korby
Player 2: King Dumb
Times Available: Varies pretty heavily, ask us and we can figure something out.
Contact Info: I'm always on the MM8BDM Discord so you can just PM me there, on Skype if you have one of us added, or on Cutstuff [although no guarantee I'll see that]
5 Blocked Classes: Napalmman, Waveman, Dustman, Windman, Magmaman
5 Banned Classes: Diveman, Skullman, Woodman, Magicman, Original Duo
(click to show/hide)Player 1's Theme:
Player 2's Theme:
Team Theme:

You all saw this coming.

Team Name: Supra Mayro Bross
Player 1: Gumballtoid, starring as mayro (10 AM EST - 3 PM EST, free on weekends, will be out of state from Dec. 28 to Jan. 2)
Player 2: Spikeboy, starring as luggy (1 PM CST - 10 PM CST)
Times Available: See above
Contact Info: Cutmail, Skype (gumballtoid, spikeboylxxvi), Discord
5 Blocked Classes: Rock / Oil Man / Top Man / Wave Man / Magma Man
5 Banned Classes: Copywep Bundle / Wood Man / Slash Man / Origin Duo
(click to show/hide)Player 1's Theme:
Player 2's Theme:
Team Theme:

Stardroid Venus:
is this the 2v2 rocket league tournament

Team Name: ask us later, we'll have one then (probably)
Player 1: Mickle
Player 2: Venus
Times Available: Contact us first, it's just easier that way
Contact Info: Skype if you have either one of us added, we're also on the 8BDM Discord
5 Blocked Classes: Stoneman, Yamatoman, Needleman, Astroman, Galaxyman
5 Banned Classes: Woodman, Flashman, Original Duo, Copywep Bundle

(click to show/hide)Player 1's Theme:
Player 2's Theme:
Team Theme:


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