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Please note this is a fan made tutorial as I have no knowledge of Linux or how it works. It looks all very complicated, but most likely if you're on Linux you LOVE this kind of stuff!

Special thanks to fadein and MechaS3K for help with these.

Installing for Linux

There are two ways to install Skulltag(and therefore MM8BDM); the Easy way(which resolves dependencies and other nastiness for you), and the Hard way(which is messier but gives you more control over where everything goes). If you have Ubuntu or another distro that accepts Ubuntu repositories, you can use the Easy way. Otherwise, sorry - you'll need to use the Hard way.

Installing MM8BDM

Download the latest version of MM8BDM. Extract "megagame.wad" and "MM8BDM-(MM8BDM version number).pk3" from the zip to /usr/games/skulltag.

The "Easy" way

Now download the LINUX version of Skulltag for required MM8BDM: 32-bit / 64-bit. Extract the files somewhere you'll be able to find later, preferably in a new folder.

Now you will need to open your file manager in root mode. If you're using a bog standard copy of Ubuntu, that means opening a terminal and typing in "sudo nautilus". Enter your password. We're entering dangerous territory here, so don't do anything than what you are directed to!

Find the files you extracted earlier. Select all of them and copy them. Navigate to /usr/games/skulltag and overwrite all of the files when requested. Now close the file manager.

Install Skulltag according to the directions on the official wiki. Then run Doomseeker. Find a server with megagame.wad and join it. If you can connect, congratulations, you're done! If you get an error about outdated network code, make sure you're using the right version of skulltag.

The "Hard" way

Here you can find the method fadein used to install MM8BDM. Be sure to download the versions of Skulltag specified in the "Easy" way, and the latest version of MM8BDM. Good luck!


Could this be updated? After moving from .net to .com and back so many times, skulltags site is pretty broken.

I would love to get this working in linux (ubuntu 11.04) as well.
So far no lucks, all the links according to skulltag instructions are broken, as well as Doomseeker.

I'd love this to be updated, as the links are broken and I want to run MM8BDM. Oh, nvm, fadein has a simpler method

odamn why wasn't this stickied? >:<
But yeah, this needs to be updated.


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