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Cutstuff Mapping Jam 4: Jams Bond

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Dr. Freeman:
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 4: Jams Bond

Hello everyone, it's Dr. Freeman and welcome to the fourth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! It's been a while since the last mapping anything, and with v5B just out the door, now seems like a great time to get another one of these out the door! Who knows, with the amount of time it's been since the last one we might even see some new mappers this time around!

In case you don't know what these jams are, to sum it up super super quick, there's a small gimmick of sorts and mappers get together to make a nice map pack! There's no real competition, just taking it chill and making some maps for fun!

So let's talk about what we have in store this time around. All in all, it's rather similar to the third mapping jam. It's been just under two years since our last jam so the concept isn't exactly something that's been done recently, and we're adding a little bit more to it than just the last jam!

Basically, everyone who wishes to participate will make a map piece (details of the map piece will be listed below) and PM it to me. Once that is all done, each person will be assigned two random map pieces that are not their own and must make a map that uses their map pieces. However, that is not all! Along with the map pieces, each person will receive two small assignments that must be in their map as well! These assignments will be small features that either add something to a map or make sure someone can't use something! Once again, more details on that in just a bit!

First, let's discuss the specifics and rules of the map pieces!
(click to show/hide)-Map Pieces can be no bigger than 896x896 units. This doesn't mean it has to be a perfect square. As long as it fits within those units.

-Keep textures simple. You aren't keeping these pieces anyway so don't go to town on aesthetics. Whoever gets your piece can do some of that!

-Pieces will be quality controlled and possibly rejected for the following reasons
The map piece is just a big empty square.
Incredibly convoluted with a ton of 3D floors.
It's straight up unplayable

-Please refrain from adding scripts, weapons, and items to your piece. Adding a full fledged gimmick to a map piece is a little crazy, and weapons and items can easily be subject to change in the final map. People are also able to add their own gimmicks and whatnot to the map pieces when creating the final map.

That's all for the map piece side of things!

Now for the details on the assignments...
(click to show/hide)Along with the map pieces, everyone will receive two assignments they must follow while making their map! However, while this sounds really scary, these assignments are rather small in the grand scheme of things and aren't real threatening at all!

I have a small list of predetermined assignments, but what fun would it be if I got to come up with everything? If you're signing up, you are allowed to throw some suggestion assignments into the pool! This is not mandatory and there is no guarantee your assignments will end up going to a mapper, but if you have some idea, include it with your map piece!

Just for a quick guideline of what to expect.

Potential assignments might look like...
-Include at least one thunder claw peg (and thunder claw) on your map!
-Include a pair of teleporters (1 way or 2 way) on your map!

Things you will not see as an assignment...
-Only use [insert robot master here] textures!
-Make your map smaller than 2048x2048 units!

If you have any other questions regarding the assignments, please feel free to ask! The idea is that they're smaller things you add to the map and keep in mind rather than large things that completely alter the way you make the map

So what if you wanna sign up? You can say you're signing up in the topic, but that's not gonna get you officially signed up. Basically, sending in your map piece is when you are officially signed up and ready for the jam! You will be unable to participate if you do not make a map piece!

All map pieces (and assignments suggestions) are to be submitted to me via PM or Discord (you can contact me on Discord at Freems#4073) if you happen to have me in two weeks by 11:59 EST on June 10th! Once we reach that point, we will figure out map pieces and assignments and we'll talk future dates from there!

That should hopefully sum everything up! Once again, if you have a question feel free to ask! Anyway, thank you all so much and I hope you all have a great time!

As a reminder, making maps for V5B will require some changes to your editing tools (Doombuilder and Slade). These changes can be found here:

I have yet to join one of these mapping Jams, so I'll partake this time around.

Duora Super Gyro:
I'll also be joining as well, and I look forward to seeing what others bring to the table :3

Dr. Freeman:
Today is the last day to get your map pieces in! We've got a pretty decent number but if you are thinking about participating, remember you are unable to without a map piece!


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