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Im confused with the Frontright, Backright and Side file names. Please help me :(

I just explained it...

So, to compile a skin, you have to name the frames. Each frame's name has to start with four letters of your choice to help you memorize what skin it it.

Following these four letters are going to be numbers and more letters.

The numbers will always be preceded by the letter associated with the frame-type, whether they're shooting frames, walking frames, etc...

Every frame that faces a specific direction will have the same numbers for that direction.

Specifically for front-right it's the letter of the frame, followed by an 8 followed  by that same letter, followed by a 2. So it's, taking X as an example for a letter, X8X2.

For the side frames it's going to be X7X3.

And for back-right frames, its X6X4.

Got it all? :geek:

Poker Okami:

--- Quote from: Ruzma on January 20, 2020, 04:24:35 PM ---For example, my skin for my little character, Edgeward has every frame start with EDGE.
Therefore, the front idle frame would be named EDGEA1. The front-side idle frame would be EDGEA8A2, so on and so forth (don't mind the bold, it's just for clarity's sake).
Make sure that you have idle frames for front, back, back-right, side and front-right, ok? Then do the same, but four times over for the walk frames, again, from all sides.
Same thing again for the shooting frames, of which there are only two. If you want, you can an (in)visible corpse frame by setting it up as XXXXZ0 (it's a Zero, btw).
By all means, it should be all good! Don't lose hope, it worked for me just a few days ago, you simply have to be reeeaaaally careful with the naming and all. Just check every single one.

I...hope this is useful, somehow.

--- End quote ---

It's working now! thank you very much!  :) :) :)

You are very much welcome, my friend!  ;)

Not to be repetitive but I'm still having a problem with the sounds on my skins not playing. Can someone help?


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