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Make a Robot Master For Wily!: Get your robot in my ROM-hack!

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Skullman the ROM-hacker:

Hi! Welcome to the Make a Robot Master For Wily contest! This is a art contest for designs to get featured in my ROM-hack!
Here are the rules of the contest:
2. You may only enter twice.
3. You must contain your userame for sprites inc. or Cutstuff username in the email entry
4. You may submit a sprite or sketch
5. Your submission should contain his or her likes, dislikes, ups, downs. a couple sentences about the robot would be great. (for more points.)
6. the runner up may also get in the game.
7.You can do Stardoids and mavericks if you wish

the submission email is (click to show/hide) (click to show/hide) 
If you have any questions, please reply!


Which MegaMan game will this be a hack of?

I'd like to not be accusatory, but this contest seems far to similar in nature to my currently active Robot Master Rally contest.

I claim no trademark on my ideas for my contest, but if you took some inspiration from what I was doing, it's a matter of respect to acknowledge that.

Like I said, this is a bit too similar for me to overlook.

Skullman the ROM-hacker:

--- Quote from: bass44 on July 07, 2017, 07:27:09 AM ---Question:

Which MegaMan game will this be a hack of?

--- End quote ---
2 or 6.
mega man 2 is by far the easiest to hack, however i don't see many mm6 hacks
I have now added a poll.

Skullman the ROM-hacker:

I have sent you a PM with more information.
I had not seen the RMR at the time, this was actually inspired by the mm6 Nintendo power contest.


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