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Class Based League - CBM Round-Robin (Interest Check only)

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What is it?

A team based seasonal tournament where players are in teams of 3 or 4 players (we can negotiate it) and compete in a 9 week event of round robin tournament for Team Last Man Standing. Players sign up not just individually into the FA (Free Agency pool) but as captains as well if they wish to.

Team based?

Yes. Players who are captains run their teams throughout the entirety of the season and compete against other teams each week. The team with the best win/loss record makes it play-offs against other strong teams. The final team teams make it to the finals. I'll make some cool megaman badges for winners, MVPs, and runner ups. You can only have up to 3 players in your team (We can do 4s if you guys like or 4s where the 4th player is a substitute for a missing player for their game).

How does it work?

Players that sign up into the FA or wish to become captains do so in the official sign up thread I'll post later when enough interest is made. Captains are free to pick these FA players for their team if they wish to trade their players away prior to the play-offs.

There's a draft then?

Not right now. I am not sure if enough of these players know each other enough to properly and adequately judge the skill of players they pick, and it's easier for players who are familiar with each other right now to make a team. So this league -- for the first few seasons will allow Franchising. So to be a captain you must find 2 players willing to play with you in your team to qualify as a legitimate team (that with team names and availabilities). FA is for everyone. Maybe we'll do drafts. We can talk about it in this thread.

How do I sign up?

Here's how the sign up templates look

--- Code: ---Name: Your name
Captain or Player:
Availability: When you're available to play (generally. I'll bother you each week for it).
Classes: You are only permitted 3
--- End code ---

Players sign up with only allotted 3 characters they are good with in TLMS (this goes for franchised players and Captains). You cannot pick any other character but those 3 for the entire season of this tournament. You can switch between those three throughout any game whether its rounds or whole games itself, but you cannot deviate from your main 3 until the end of the tournament. There can be no duplicate classes for players on the same team.

What's the point of FA?

So let's say you have only 1 other person on your team but you need a third? You can pick that player from the available Free Agents, or another scenario is that members of your team quit. You can trade your player(s) for anyone in the FA. You cannot make trades after the 9th session (9th week before playoffs).

How does trading work?

A captain may swap players from his team from either the FA or with captains of other teams. We can discuss the limitations of trading, but so far a captain must only trade one player a week (if you want a revolving door for a team that is). This goes for both FA and Captain trading. Captains must notify their trades to the commissioner of the league (me) but trades will not be approved of based on "parity" and thus I'll only screen for trades that break the trade limit rule.

What's the map pool?

Map pool is determined by me and I will not select meme, overt pits, or insane spawn disparity. I'll throw up our first season's 9 session map selection. Each week every team who is fighting each other will fight on the same map as everyone else.

Can I name my team?

Yes, but let's try to keep it Megaman related and appropriate. No vulgarity.

When will this happen

When we can drum up enough for 6 teams minimum. 8 teams ideally. 12 teams max for now.

Can I help moderate or something?

I might need someone to help me with either server stuff or scheduling. I'll elect people to help me based on what they can offer.

****************************** Update **************************************

Map pool

Chollenge shuffled the maps for the season

The finals will be

Name: Ultra Team
Captain or Player: Captain (Escanor) Members.Talis,Za Wardo,Kaze
Availability: 8 Hours But saturday and sunday may i be busy
Za Wardo Timeman

I'd be interested in playing in something like this.

I updated the original post for the map pool and the top 9 maps to be played this season.

3 "active" players with 1 sub? I can see that workin'. Maybe we could have a minimal 1 sub and max 2 subs per team?


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