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Wily's Iron Gauntlet - A 2v2 CBM Tournament!

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King Dumb:
20xx's mightiest robots gather to face a new challenge...!!

The FINALS have begun! Best of 7 matches, double-elimination, and that's it! Four teams remain, one makes it out!

Challonge Link:

Google Sheet containing every class each team is BANNED from using: Click here!

Banner credit to Pegg. See more of his work at his deviantart page here!

Welcome to Wily's Iron Gauntlet, a new kind of 2v2 class-based tournament! Featuring the same CBM TLMS gameplay that we're all used to, this tournament additionally demands that you run the gauntlet by preparing to play as and against a very wide variety of classes. As you fight through the competition, the classes you win with will become unavailable to you in the future! This means you and your partner will have to be able to pilot a full fleet of 'bots (or not-'bots!) to win and keep winning - and you'll have to be able to take on threats of the same diversity! An ambitious crossover of a huge 112 classes, prepare to see all your favorite classes (along with, admittedly, your least favorite ones as well) duke it out like never before!

Before getting into the specific rules (don't worry, it's not really complicated!), I should mention that a small, fun prize is being offered to the winning team and runner-up team of this tournament. Somewhat fittingly to a tournament initialized as WIG, the winning team will have the opportunity to select a single class in CBM to receive an alternate skin featuring a golden crown, included in the mod itself. The second-place team will get to select a different class to receive an alternate skin featuring a silver crown, included in the mod itself. A neat opportunity, yes!

NOTE: This is a 2v2 tournament, but if you don't have a partner, don't fear! You'll be able to sign up and look for others out there seeking a buddy to compete with. See section III for more details!


TL;DR/Summary: 2v2 CBM TLMS shared-lives tournament. When you win a map, the classes you used are unavailable to you for the rest of the tournament. Each player gets 1 class per map, mirrors are allowed but no doubling up. Tournament structure details and set length (# of lives, # of maps, # of wins) are TBD until I know how many entrants we have. See rules 4 and 5 for map- and class-picking procedures. Stage-striking for map 1 instead of stupid hour-long mutual picking during final map. Sign-up form at the bottom. POST MATCH RESULTS IN THIS THREAD, INCLUDING ALL CLASS PICKS, WHICH MAPS THEY WERE ON, AND WHICH TEAMS WON WHICH MAPS.


Table of Contents
I. Rules and Specifics
II. Stage-Striking Details
III. Signing Up


I. Rules and Specifics

Wily's Iron Gauntlet is a 2v2 CBM TLMS tournament, using a shared lives pool, progressing in 3 phases.

Tournament Structure:
NOTE: The following spoiler box carries the weight of all other Rules of the tournament.
(click to show/hide)Phase 1: Swiss Rounds
Challonge Link:
(click to show/hide)In the first phase, all teams will participate in three rounds of the Swiss pairing procedure. You all have an assigned opponent for the first round, and after that, winners will be paired with winners and losers will be paired with losers. You will play a total of 3 rounds (that is, 3 sets) in this first phase. For this phase, matches will be best of 5, winlimit 1, sv_maxlives 7.

At the end of the phase, the one team with an 0-3 record is eliminated from the tournament. The one team with a 3-0 record gets to skip the next phase, and heads straight into the Finals.Phase 2: The Death Pool
Challonge Link: N/A
(click to show/hide)After Phase 1, there will be three teams with a 2-1 record and three teams with a 1-2 record. These teams will be paired against each other (2-1s vs 1-2s), avoiding as many repeat matches as possible. In this phase, hitting 3 total wins puts you through to the finals, while hitting 3 losses eliminates you. As such, if any teams end with up with a 2-2 record after the first round here, additional matches will be played, avoiding as many repeats as possible. In this phase, matches will be best of 3, winlimit 1, sv_maxlives 7.

At the end of this phase, 3 more teams will be eliminated, leaving a total of 4 teams remaining.Phase 3: The Finals
Challonge Link:
(click to show/hide)The finals will be a double elimination bracket, with all teams starting in the upper bracket. The team with a 3-0 record gets to select their first round opponent, and the other two teams are paired against each other. It's double elimination, so even if you lose once here you still have a chance to make it back!

Another note about the finals: before beginning Phase 4, each team has the opportunity to unlock some of their used classes. The number of classes you may unlock is equal to your set spread. So, the lone 3-0 team gets to unlock 3 of its used classes; if you're 3-1, you get to unban 2 classes; if you're 3-2, you get to unban 1 class. So try to make it here with as few losses as possible!Additional Rules:

1. All matches must be played on verified servers: [TSPG] Painkiller: Wily's Iron Gauntlet Tournament Server 1 (IP: and [TSPG] Painkiller: Wily's Iron Gauntlet Tournament Server 2 (IP: Join password will be released to competitors when the bracket/matches are released. Any matches not played on these servers will not count. You may not share the join password with non-competitors without my explicit permission.

2. All verified servers will have the following relevant settings, in addition to the standard configurations for online play (like gravity, cheats, that stuff):
(click to show/hide)sv_crouch 0
sv_nocrouch 1
sv_chasecam 0
yd_weaknessseting 0
yd_nopitprotect 0
yd_lmsloadouts 0
yd_nohealingscale 0
sv_weapondrop 0
sv_unblockallies 1
compat_skulltagjumping 1
mm8bdm_sv_nolmsweapons 1
3. All verified servers will be hosting the following files:
(click to show/hide)mm8bdm-v5c.pk3
WIGpatch.pk3 (removes RNG from Doc Robot, Rock, and Mercury)
classtrack-wig-v5.pk3 (just for me to more easily track used classes)
4. The map-picking for each set shall proceed as follows:
(click to show/hide)Only vanilla (mm8bdm-v5c.pk3) maps are allowed. No CTF maps are allowed. The following maps are banned: MM2DW1, MM5WAV, MM6BLI, MM7STR, MM7DW4, MMWTMWS.

For Map 1, teams will engage in a stage-striking procedure, using a pool of 9 maps (see section II for more details). After a coin flip, the team that wins the coin flip will take the first strike, and striking will occur in a snaking order, 1-2-2-2-1 (these numbers represent the number of maps banned in each step; teams alternate taking steps). That is, team A will strike 1 map, then team B will strike 2, then team A will strike 2, then team B will strike 2, then team A will strike 1 more to determine the starting map.

The pool of 9 maps is:

After Map 1, the losing team will pick the next map, out of all legal maps (that is, not limited to the starting pool).
5. Class-picking shall occur after map-picking, and shall proceed as follows. Each player may only use 1 class per map, and teams may not double-up on classes. Opposing teams may play the same class(es).
(click to show/hide)Classes your team has won with are banned; if you lose the set, the classes you won with in that set are unbanned. You may never use the same class as your teammate.

For Map 1, class picks will be double-blind. Teams will not announce their picks, and will simply enter the game with them.

After Map 1, teams will engage in a class draft immediately after the map is selected. Teams will take turns selecting classes, with the team that won the previous map selecting first. Teams need not specify who is playing which class prior to gameplay beginning.
6. If a new version of classes is released prior to the start date of the tournament, we will switch to that version. If a new version of classes is released after the start date of the tournament, we will only switch to that version if it addresses one or more bugs that significantly and meaningfully affect general gameplay. If no such bugs are addressed (e.g., the only changes present are balance-motivated), we will not switch to that version.

7. Post all match results on this thread, preferably with picture proof. I can check the server if I need to, but it's more convenient for me here and for everyone else, too! Include ALL class picks in your results posts, in addition to which team won which maps. Both teams should do this so we have 100% certainty on accuracy!

8. I will keep an updated list of all classes that each team has won with, and the list of available classes for each match will be viewable as an attachment on that match on Challonge. To see what class you and your opponent may use for any given match, simply check that match on the Challonge site.

9. You are expected to be responsible and diligent when it comes to completing your matches. I will be staying on everyone's tails to get matches done, but I need cooperation from all participants for it to happen! Signing up means you are committing to the tournament; if you're gonna sign up and later decide you don't feel like doing matches for a while, either A) quit taking it so seriously and just play for fun!, or B) don't sign up!

10. Unsportsmanlike and/or inflammatory conduct will not be tolerated. If you enter this tournament you are committing yourself to being a respectful, cooperative, and communicative competitor. I reserve the right to disqualify, remove, or otherwise punish individuals or teams who do not abide by this rule. Examples of behavior that I will not tolerate and which are subject to removal:
- Excessive stalling of a match, either during a pre-game phase or in scheduling a time to play.
- Harassment of other competitors, including aggressive name-calling, trolling, heckling, inflammatory conduct, or unfriendly trash-talking.
- Harassment of spectators in tournament servers.
- Overly negative attitude and rule-skirting. This is meant to be a friendly, chill tournament. I have 0 tolerance for people who want to be difficult or who want to barely skirt the edges of breaking other rules. Questioning rules or rulings is fine, but cross the line of goodwill and you will be removed from this tournament.
- Attempting to lie about match results or class choices. I'm not an idiot.
- Collusion. I'm not an idiot.
- Other unsportsmanlike behavior.

11. Extended periods of a match going unplayed, and instances of disconnects during tournament play, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

12. Cases of stalling will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the option of requiring a new map to be chosen and the current round to be replayed there being on the table in extreme cases.

13. I reserve the right to expand and/or edit these rules as I see fit, with proper notification to all tournament participants if done so after the tournament has begun.


II. Stage-Striking Details

To try something a little different from most past tournaments, sets will no longer be structured by [team A's map]->[team B's map]->[mutual pick if necessary]. Instead, the first map of the set will be one from a selection of 9 predetermined maps, selected by a standard stage-striking procedure; what this means is teams will take turns blocking, or striking, maps from this pool of 9 until only 1 remains, which they will plan on.

How will this pool of maps be determined, you ask? Well, I certainly have my own ideas, but I figured I ought to listen to the participants as well! In the sign-up form there is a field to list 3 suggestions for the pool of 9 beginning maps. I don't guarantee that I will only pick maps from the suggestions, but I'll try to stick with major trends/popular picks if I can!


III. Signing Up

Below you will find the format I'd like you to use to sign-up for the tournament! There are two formats. If you know who your teammate is, use the first format! If you don't have a partner yet, don't worry! Use the second format, and you'll be able to find others looking for a buddy. I'll keep a list of unpartnered players at the bottom of this post, so you can look there!

Sign-ups are currently OPEN until SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH, 2:00 PM EDT (UTC -4). This date may change depending on entry numbers.

For partnered players:

Team Name:
Your Name:
Your Teammate's Name:
General Times Available (specify time zone!):
Ways to Contact (include relevant usernames if necessary!):
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions (three max!):
[Optional] Team Theme Song:

For unpartnered players:

Your Name:
General Times Available (specify time zone!):
Ways to Contact (include relevant usernames if necessary!):
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions (three max!):


Current Teams:
(click to show/hide)1. SCP Brand Forklift (Sonicfam1102 aka SanicTrillster, Pegg)
2. Shitsec (Orange Juice, Sir Juicy)
3. #KSLL (PandarusK, Care Boby)
4. Gusty Hammers (Blitz!, Kaze)
5. The Tornado Brothers (EdgeShot, Blueboy!)
6. The Stardust Crusaders (Bikdark, Muzaru)
7. #TheSensationalists (Korby, Michael)
8. Don't Get Poked (King Dumb, EazyDI)
Unpartnered Players:
(click to show/hide)

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc., about the tournament, please feel free to ask below or contact me on Discord! I'm in the MM8BDM Discord and the TSPG Discord, username is King Dumb#4247.

I suppose we get the first 5 AM sign-up, hoyp.

Team Name : SCP Brand Forklift (Sonic Carries Pegg)
Name : Sonicfam1102 (SanicTrillster in-game)
Partner Name : Pegg
General Times Available : Sunday through Thursday, 7 PM to 3 AM EST (Subject to Possible Change)
Ways to Contact : Discord for Both (Trillster#2887 and pegg#1159)
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions : MM7STR, MM8DUO, MMBGRO
Team Theme Song :
(click to show/hide)

Sounds like fun can't wait till everything is finalized. Do you have a discord for this?

There's a few things to fix. This is a glaring problem.

--- Quote ---For Map 1, teams will engage in a stage-striking procedure, using a pool of 9 maps which will be determined prior to the start of the tournament (see section II for more details). After a coin flip, the player that wins the coin flip will take the first strike, and striking will occur in a snaking order, 1-2-2-2-1. That is, team A will strike 1 map, then team B will strike 2, then team A will strike 2, then team B will strike 2, then team A will strike 1 more to determine the starting map.
--- End quote ---

Losing a cointoss is meta. It allows the losing player to essentially strike out 3 maps to the winning player's 2 and that's 3 in a row.

King Dumb:
@Ru5stK1ng, thanks! Yeah, unfortunately the concept of the tournament requires that those details specifically address the # of teams, but I have a few different set of details ready depending on how many we get. There's no discord right now. I suppose that's something that will happen down the line if it does.

@Mobius, I'm not sure if I see the issue? It's a coin toss, so you can't win or lose purposefully. Both teams strike 4 maps total. I use the term "winning" the coin toss just to mean who called it correctly. If "winning" let you instead choose which team strikes first, it's essentially the same thing with just an extra step for no reason. So I suppose maybe the language of "winning" can be misleading if you want to strike second. But beyond that I don't see what you mean?


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