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Wily's Iron Gauntlet - A 2v2 CBM Tournament!

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The fact a losing team can strike out 3 in a row before the winning team can puts the winner of the coin-toss at a huge disadvantage.

I was wrong. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Team Name : The M. E. T. A.
Name : [A3]Mobius
Partner Name : [A3]MGO
General Times Available : Monday-Friday 5:00PM to 11PM. Saturday is uncertain for me. Sunday all day.
Ways to Contact :
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions : MM1TIM, MM1DW1 & MM4DC1

Team Name: GigaMans
Your Name: [A3]Jason
Your Teammate's Name: [A3]Avernus
General Times Available: Monday-Friday 4:00PM to 10:00PM CT. Saturday-Sunday all day.
Ways to Contact:
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions: MM1TIM, MM1GUT, MM2HEA

Team name: Once I get a partner, something to do with JoJo
My name: Bikdark/ Agent Arcadia#2073
My teammate's name: Unknown atm, trying to reel in one of 3 people
General times available: Guaranteed available 10pm - 3am EST, sparsely available other times during the evening/afternoon
Map pool: MM4DUS, MM6FLA, MM2CRA

Wait a minute, looking at the counterpicking section of the ruleset, shouldn't the winning team be able to ban up to 3 or 4 maps out of all 9 in order to prevent the losing team from choosing a map that'll either give the winning team a disadvantage or the opposing team a significant advantage?

Team: Gusty Hammers
Alias/Name: Blitz!/~The Vibe!~
Teammate's alias/name: Kaze
General Times Available: [Eastern Standard Time] Around 2PM-11PM Mon-Thurs. Friday, around 9PM-12AM, fully available on weekends.
Contact Us!: Drop a DM on Discord! ~The Vibe!~#7427, Kaze#0811
Map suggestions: MM6KNI, MM7DW3, MM1BOM
Team Theme!: (click to show/hide)

Team Name : The Tornado Brothers
Name : Edgeshot
Partner Name : Blueboy!
General Times Available : Wednesday-Sunday 3:00-5:00 Pm (usa or mexico)
Ways to Contact :
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions : MM8TEN,MM7DW2,MM9TOR


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