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Class Based League - Season 3

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I'd like to post to update on the tournament

We conclude the season 3 of Class Based League!
I'd like to thank all who participated. All the players who showed up and redeemed themselves. All the players who took the time out of their lives when they couldn't and played. Everyone whether they didn't make it to playoffs or to finals have my appreciation for another great season and one where everyone was tested, challenged, and pressured to play at their absolute best

You can find the final match of the Platinum Masters below.

Season Standing

Playoff Standing

CBL Season 3 Platinum Masters

Robot Master and Platinum Master trophies in order
Mobius, Perfectly Legit, Swiftwind, Rushjet1

With this! This tournament will remain closed until Season 4! Hope to see you talented players soon in the MOST RESPECTED 8BDM arena. The C. B. L.


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