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[TUTORIAL] Adding Custom Bots (And Other Wads!) to a Server

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Alright guys! A few users want to know, "How the hell do I add custom bots into my server?" Well, fellow user, this is the tutorial for you!

First of all, you have to make the bot. Squidgy617 made a tutorial to make bots, here.

Now, when you made it, open up your MM8BDM Launcher.

Then click on "Host" at the top. You can figure out the functions in CutmanMike's tutorial on how to host servers using the Launcherhere.

Now click the "Add File" button. You SHOULD see something like this:

Now I only screencapped a small section, with the Bot being added in. However you can select any bot you want. This is very similar to adding other .wads and .pk3s to a server, except you make a bot first and then add like a .WAD or .pk3.

If you did everything right and edited your server as necessary, you should see something like this:

And there you go! Click 'Launch' and Voila! Your own custom bot in a server!

You may also wanna join the server, open the console, and type the Addbot code for your bot (Addbot "Botname").

Other .WADS and .PK3s work quite similarly. However, for Ivory's Quickman Mode and Mr. X's Ninja Mode game modifiers, you have to set the Server Modifier to "Buckshot."

If you are loading map(s) then you have to type in the map codes in the rotation.

Have I made this clear enough? If not, please tell me what I should improve on in this tutorial.

Sorry, but is this really nesessary?

This does come in the main tutorial, after all.

Well this showed up on the tutorial collection thread:

--- Quote from: "mike858" ---how to add custom bots to a server???
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: "TERRORsphere" ---Anyone wanna help these people out?
--- End quote ---

So I decided to help.

If it's a glaring issue, and not just ONE person, it deserves a tutorial.

Not a single request that was already put in the main tutorial.

Well, DTD most likely would have browsed through the collection to see if there was any elaboration...

And if there was he could have been told so. :


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