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[TUTORIAL] Joining Zandronum servers


If you look on DoomSeeker, (grab it here) you'll see there's two servers running on Zandronum. (The rest are still on skulltag 98e). These servers are using Zandronum 1755, which you can download here (click on the links for either Windows, OSX, or Linux.) Saving the file to your "engines" folder will allow you to find it easily later.

In DoomSeeker, select "Configure" to bring up a screen like this:

Select the icon marked in red and set it to the zandronum.exe file. Then hit "apply" and you're ready to go!

Zandronum plays the same as skulltag does, however, your controls/binds won't be carried over from skulltag. When you launch Zandronum the first a time a new file will be generated; you can open this file and paste your old Skulltag controls into it under the [Doom.Bindings] area.

Filepaths will not need to be reconfigured if already set up. If not, check the DoomSeeker tutorial above. To play on the q-box server, you'll need the wad found here. To play on the duel server, download the HUB wad here

Change the path to executable back to skulltag to switch back to 98e/old servers!

or you could configure the Skulltag plugin to use Skulltag and the Zandronum plugin to use Zandronum. Then you can just disable one and enable the other from the Query menu. You can also rename your .ini file to keep your binds. (You're not supposed to do that, though, so if something seems screwy, reset and try again.)


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