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Turbo Button bind


No no, this does not bypass normal rate of fire restrictions.
This allows you to easily fire uncharged shots of chargable weapons.

Go to your Zandronum configuration .ini file.
Under [Doom.ConsoleAliases], paste this

--- Code: ---Name=RapidFire
Command=+attack; wait 1; -attack; wait 1; RapidFireOn
Command=Alias RapidFireOn "RapidFire"; RapidFireOn
Command=Alias RapidFireOn ""
--- End code ---

And that's the alias to do it.
Now you need to bind +RFire to a key. (-RFire is connected to the release of +RFire; don't worry about it.)

Start up MM8BDM (or look under [Doom.Bindings]).

Open the console with ~.

--- Code: ---bind mouse2 +RFire
--- End code ---

Mouse2 is your right click; you can replace that with whatever you like.

Now just hold your turbo button and let the wild coils fly!

While this would be useful for people who lack the quick trigger finger... i for one do not need it... but great guide anyways!


Seriously, thank you very much, JaxOf7!


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