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Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Suggestion for MM8BDM: Version 6B
« on: December 19, 2020, 06:37:45 AM »
I'm Casual Builder of the Mega Man Maker forums, and I have a nice suggestion for the Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, Version 6B.  :ugeek:

The idea in general consists of implementing another cool piece of content into the Single Player Campaign... Archive Rush Mode, to be precise. What is Archive Rush Mode, you may ask? Well... it's pretty much a Boss Rush featuring Special Weapons taken straight from their respective Robot Masters across the entire Mega Man Classic series, from MM1 all the way to MM10. And of course, these Special Weapons are fought just like in the vanilla MM10, with all of their unique patterns.
In order to not make said Boss Rush overwhelmingly frustrating, it would make sense to enforce auto-saves after each successfully completed wave of Archived weapons. Speaking of waves... each of these would contain 8 weapons from their respective Mega Man titles and have a single life bar.

Here's the possible structure of this entire rush:
* Heat 1: Weapons from MM1 and MMPU;
* Heat 2: Weapons from MM2;
* Heat 3: Weapons from MM3;
* Heat 4: Weapons from MM4;
* Heat 5: Weapons from MM5;
* Heat 6: Weapons from MM6;
* Heat 7: Weapons from MM7;
* Heat 8: Weapons from MM8;
* Heat 9: Weapons from MM&B;
* Heat 10: Weapons from MM9;
* Heat 11: Weapons from MM10;
* Heat 12: Weapons from MMV;
* Final Heat: Mirror Buster (MM:DWR), Sakugarne (MMII), Screw Crusher (MMIII), Ballade Cracker (MMIV) and Spark Chaser (MMV).

Some other Ideas to make such Archive Rush even cooler:
* Make it available after completing Weapons Archive battle in Chapter 12 (MM10).
* Dr. Light's Lab has some closed rooms, so one of these rooms could be occupied by a special teleporter that would deliver the Player Character into the Weapons Archive Rush.
* Compose a whole bunch of new soundtracks. Say, Weapons Archive hub itself utilizes a unique theme, but each wave of its boss rush has a unique remix --- just like in case with Quint's encounter available after Chapter 11 (MM9). Said remixes would incorporate key elements of the respective titles' soundtracks (for example, MM&B Archive Heat remix would incorporate some stuff from MM&B's Robot Master boss theme, etc.).
* Dedicate a new trophy for completing Archive Rush Mode - and place it into side trophies category (where the trophies for completion of Quint's encounter, Weapon Collection of Chapter 13, Strange Artifacts quest and Boss Attack v6a rush are positioned). "Tenacious Collector" probably would be a nice name for such a trophy.

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