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[RESOURCE] PK3Reorder - Structure converter for Map Packs


MM8BDM version 6b changed the file structure to match the ZDoom preferred standard. Swapping to it is technically optional, but the developer of Zandronum and the administrators of server clusters like TSPG have been adamant that modders should be using the new structure because it saves on resources.

You can read about all the details on the file structure in question off of the MM8BDM Wiki.

Because MM8BDM has over 100 maps, I didn't want to move to this structure by hand... so, using Thunderono's WADParser library, I made a program to do it for me.

PK3Reorder automates most of the process of updating a map pack to the new file structure standard set out by ZDoom.

Download: Google Drive

How to use:
1) Download above file, extract all into a folder
2) Run PK3Reorder.exe
3) The program will open a command prompt window and request a file. Give it the filename.
4) Wait for the program to finish.
5) Check the output. The program will tell you what it could not properly transfer, but it is important to double check to make sure it did not mangle anything along the way.
6) Clean up whatever the program didn't catch. Again, the MM8BDM Wiki has a guide on how to do this.

(click to show/hide)- Converts your map packs from the old structure to the new structure.
- Anything it fails to convert will print a warning.

(click to show/hide)- Pit standards introduced in v6b.
- Player-triggered hazards with credit introduced in v6b.
- Water Sector format from v5b.

Requirements & Disclaimers:
System requirements: Windows system with .NET Framework 6.0. This program has not been tested on 32-bit machines.
File requirements: UDMF maps only. If you're converting files from any other format, the program will not work for it.

Because it is easier to handle files when they are exposed to the file system, part of the process involves unzipping the pk3 and re-zipping it into a new file. This may result in some changes to the resulting pk3, such as file ordering.

Fail states:
Program fails to run
Make sure the program and all the files surrounding it are properly extracted. In the folder containing them, hold shift and then right click. Click Open Powershell. Type ./PK3Reorder.exe.
There should be an https:// url in the output. Download and install the software it goes to. The package should be from Microsoft directly. .NET Framework 6.0 is required to run the program.

Error: File not found.
Specify a different file location.

Error: Could not create a folder called "textures" (or "voxels" or "animdefs" etc.)
You may need to rename one of the files (for example, the texture definition file TEXTURES to TEXTURES.txt) to differentiate the two.

Warning: Map contains non-map lumps.
This program only checks between known namespaces. It cannot make assumptions of what the file is supposed to be based on its type or placement because WAD files strip away things like file extensions and studying the file structure of every supported type is infeasible for a project such as this. If any files are outside of proper namespaces, you will need to port them manually.


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