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Welcome to the Tutorial Collection subforum!

This change was done in an effort to make tutorials easier to find. Even with DTD's tutorial collection, I still found many people would miss it entirely. A subforum is way harder to miss. The purpose of this forum is to create tutorials to help new users in figuring out how to do various things in MM8BDM.

Only tutorial threads are allowed here.

rules are subject to change.

Yes this is much much better now i can find what i need when i need it! thanks Ivory!

I was wondering why there was a solid page of tutorials in my unread posts

We're trying some SCIENCE! Tutorial Collection is now going to sit under the MM8BDM section.

Hallan Parva:
I'd prefer if Tutorials sat in the middle of the MM8BDM section instead of under it.

It feels weird not having Projects at the bottom.


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