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Hi there. Welcome to a new forum game story thing inspired by similar things the mid-2010s community did here. This game would play out like a turn-based RPG.

(click to show/hide)In the far-off land of Tuberus, everything was fine. However... That all changed when the Mechanus Armada attacked, led by the evil goblin engineer Mechanus.
Tuberus was set into a state of chaos. Fortunately, for every bad thing, there's always hope. In this case, another land eventually noticed this attack.
General Y: This is bad! Mechanus has run amok. He has bested all our elite forces. Men, we need a superpowered team with potential. Find voluteers, HIRE TEENAGERS WITH ATTITUDE IF YOU HAVE TO!
Remaining soldiers: Yes, sir!
General Y: One more thing! Send invitation letters to notify them, and keep a low profile to avoid panic among the masses.

That being said, the fate of Tuberus lies in the hands of a ragtag bunch of misfits... Will they fall short of their mission, or will they be bad enough dudes to handle the Mechanus threat?
(click to show/hide)You have 3 stats: Endurance(END), Attack(ATK) and Initiative(INT). So do the enemies. Moves have Power(POW) and Probability(PRB).
END is health. Once yours goes down to zero, you're out. Damage taken takes away from END.
ATK is something of an attack multiplier. POW is the base damage for abilities. Damage formula: POW * (ATK/10)
INT is the order of who goes first. If INT between players and enemies is equal, players go first.
PRB is your chances of the attack hitting, in percentage.
Players also have Energy(ENR) that moves use up. Certain things, mainly items, can restore ENR though.
You also get a basic attack which deals rudimentary damage without using up ENR. Damage is calculated as ATK * 1.5
Only 4 people get to be in the fight at the time, though you can switch out freely. Switching out takes up your move, though.
Once all enemies in battle are down, players that participated in the fight get EXP. With enough, they can increase their stats and learn new skills.

Also in this game is an elemental system. We have Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Nature, Metal, Light and Darkness.
Players and monsters may specialise in a certain element. This improves the PRB or POW of certain elements.
They are also weak or strong against a certain element. Weaknesses deal 1.3 times the damage while elements the target is strong against deal a 0.7 factor.
Monster Log and tutorial


Element: Water
END 100/100
ENR 130/130
(click to show/hide)ATK 5
INT 10
EXP 20/100

Squirt (POW 10, PRB 65, ENR 10, Water)
Fire the water gun.

Water Shield (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 20, Water)
Protects an ally for 2 turns, but is destroyed by Lightning attacks.

-Conductive(Weakness to Lightning)
-Fireproof(Strong against Fire)
Element: Light
END 85/85
ENR 80/80
(click to show/hide)ATK 14
INT 12
EXP 10/100

Red Photon Laser (POW 8, PRB 95, ENR 10, Light)
Fire a laser.

Diagonal Slash (POW 18, PRB 45, ENR 20)
Deals a powerful swipe.

Flammable(Weakness to Fire)
Defrost(Strong against Ice)
Element: Darkness
END 65/65
ENR 110/110
(click to show/hide)ATK 15
EXP 20/100

Execute (POW 10, PRB 50, ENR 10)
Damage increases proportional to target's missing health.

Mark of Death (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 13, Darkness)
Mark one target. Marked target takes more damage from Jusuke. Can only mark one target at a time.

-Edge(Strong against Light)
Element: Metal
END 155/155
ENR 100/100
(click to show/hide)ATK 16
EXP 20/100

Grab-Strike (POW 18, PRB 40, ENR 18)
Other moves cannot be used on next turn but additional damage is dealt.

Filter (POW 0, PRB 35, ENR 8)
Dose of nutrients that may eliminate negtaive statuses.

Weighted(Weakness to Earth)
Element: Metal
END 75/75
ENR 125/125
(click to show/hide)ATK 15
EXP 20/100

Energy Fists (POW 12, PRB 55, ENR 10, Metal)
Punches that increase damage if used consecutively.

Machine Gun (POW 6, PRB 40, ENR 15, Fire)
Summons a machine gun that fires 6 shots in one turn.
Boarfanger Man
Element: None
END 60/60
ENR 0/0
(click to show/hide)ATK 15
INT 16
EXP 20/100

Portable Spit (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 0)
Cooks meat for 2 turns.

Stamina Oil (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 0)
Subsequent attacks build up K.O. for 6 turns.

Flammable(Weakness to Fire)
Defrost(Strong against Ice)
Strike(Basic attacks may cause Stun)
Yellow Jack
Element: Nature
END 70/70
ENR 120/120
(click to show/hide)ATK 12
EXP 10/100

Swarm (POW 8, PRB 60, ENR 15, Nature)
Bees deal extra damage every turn for 3 turns.

Throw Jar (POW 4, PRB 50, ENR 12, Nature)
Slow down enemies with honey for 2 turns.

-Keep-dry(Weakness to Water)
-Grounded(Strong against Wind)
Camila Carter & Jem
Element: None
END 140/140
ENR 100/100
(click to show/hide)ATK 10
EXP 0/100

Weapon Shift (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 0)
Switch weapons in inventory at the end of turn. May be used after other moves.

Use Weapon (POW ~, PRB ~, ENR ~, ~)
Use current weapon. ~:Varies depending on equipped weapon.

-Insulator(Strong against Lightning)
-Overcharged(Lightning may cause Stun)
Element: Darkness
END 55/55
ENR 140/140
(click to show/hide)ATK 5
EXP 20/100

Nightmare Swipe (POW 70, PRB 80, ENR 18, Darkness)
Nightmarish claw swipes that deal some damage to enemies other than target.

Healing Dream (POW 50, PRB 100, ENR 16, Light)
Conjure heart sheep to heal up allies. *:Health is calculated by damage formula; Element has no effect.
Simon & Finley
Element: Lightning
END 120/120
ENR 70/70
(click to show/hide)ATK 12
EXP 20/100

Overbearing (POW 18, PRB 85, ENR 16)
Knocks down the enemy until the next move.

Hammer Head (POW 0, PRB 100, ENR 15, Metal)
Temporarily reduces damage and prevents disabling status conditions.

Flammable(Weakness to Fire)
Natured(Strong against Nature)
(click to show/hide)Assault Rifle (5)
Camila's versatile rifle. Item count indicates ammo. (POW 15, PRB 100, ENR 16)

Camila's daggers. (POW 27, PRB 46, ENR 16)

Potion (6)
Emergency instant-healing fluid. Recover 20 END.

Specialised potion that can neutralise deadly chemicals. Cures POI.

Gold Chunk(9)
A small amount of gold. Looks like valuable stuff.

Sanke Fang(2)
A tooth from a Snake. Can be used for crafting or sold for a small price.
Join the Discord server here.

Name: Harold
Personality: Cool guy that's just there to help B)
Appearance: Brown hair, Marine-green sweater, Dark blue pants.
Element: Water
Playstyle: Harold's a supportive dude so he isn't that offensive, His weapon of choice is the Water Gun.
END: Medium
ENR: High
ATK: Very Low
INT: Medium
He starts with 2 basic moves
Squirt: POW: 15 PRB: 100 ELE: WTR
Water Shield: Creates a water shield that protects the selected ally for 2 turns, Lightning will pierce & destroy the shield. POW: 0 PRB: 95 ELE: WTR ENR: 10
I'll think of more moves as the game continues

Name: Bass-Sama
Personality: Checkered past, mentally scarred etc.
Primary element: Light
Playstyle: Offensive.
END: 34
ENR: 26
ATK: 5
INT: 73
Attack moves:
Blade of Light
Red Photon Laser (gun)
Judgement Slash

Pardon me, but I edited the original post to make things clear. You gentlemen don't have to, but feel free to make changes accordingly to your posts before signups end.

Thanks in advance.

Hallan Parva:
This... actually doesn't look half-bad. Consider me surprised.

It sounds like the elements have a fixed weakness order, like in Pokemon or Mega Man Battle Network. If that is indeed the case, how does the order go?
Also, can a player/enemy unit have no element? (Mettaurs, Cannon battlechips, etc. are "Null" element, which takes neutral damage from everything.)


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