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(click to show/hide)Welcome, folks, to yet another forum tournament to decide the best Robot Master EVER!

It's been a tumultuous 6-and-a-half years since the last one was hosted, and things have changed pretty drastically. Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch versions 5 and 6 have since been released, bringing with them closer looks at some of the Robot Masters in question, and all they bring to the table. Additionally, Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 and 2 have afforded many a chance to meet these Robot Masters in battle for the first time. On top of all that, a brand-new Mega Man game was released in the form of Mega Man 11, and with it, a handful of new Robot Masters to pit against one another in glorious forum fashion.

The rules are straightforward, and will be carried out as a double-elimination tournament. I will post a handful of 1-on-1 Robot Master matchups, and anyone wishing to play need only choose their personal favorite of each matchup and post all of them below (in the case of three-way matchups, you must rank them from favorite to least favorite). When I have received a sufficient number of votes (or a certain amount of time has elapsed--I'm aware the forums are seldom active nowadays), I will tally them and declare the winners of each round, bringing with me a new set of Robot Masters to cast new votes for. This will continue until only one, definitive best Robot Master EVER remains.

Matchups have been made by's list randomizer, and will be randomized again for each round. Additionally, keep in mind that I won't be counting votes that omit any of the matchups. Vote properly or not at all, please.

You can expect to see:
The Robot Masters of Mega Man (Powered Up) thru Mega Man 11, and Mega Man & Bass
The Stardroids
The Genesis Unit
The Mega Man Killers (and Quint)
You should not expect: Main or significant characters (e.g. Mega Man, Roll, Bass, etc.)
Ambiguously-classified robots (e.g. Copy Robot, Dark Men, Fake Man, etc.)
The Robot Masters of the Mega Man DOS games
The Dimensions
The Constellation Droids
Concept or unused Robot Masters (e.g. Bond Man, Ocean Man, etc.)
Robot Masters originating from comics or other media (e.g. Quake Woman)
I hope I was clear enough. Without further ado, may the best Robot Master EVER win!

Round 1 -- Group A

Astro Man vs. Hard Man
Aqua Man vs. Strike Man
Centaur Man vs. Grenade Man
Turbo Man vs. Pluto
Dive Man vs. Slash Man

...and a proper vote (in this case, my vote) will look something like this:

Astro Man
Strike Man
Centaur Man
Turbo Man
Dive Man

Magnet Dood:
Tough start.

Hard Man
Strike Man
Grenade Man
Turbo Man
Dive Man

Dr. Freeman:

Astro Man
Strike Man
Grenade Man
Slash Man


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