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Title: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: bass44 on October 02, 2021, 09:30:34 PM
After 5 years of silence every October, Halloween has finally returned to the deathmatch!


What will you expect from this? Terrifying, yes absolutely terrifying versions of your favorite MegaMan characters! Maps that might look familiar, or maps never before seen!

Where is this content going to come from? YOU, of course! But, not without a few guidelines:

-No resumbissions from previous events, please. We're starting fresh this time around.
-Skins should be related to MegaMan in some way. Robot masters cosplaying is fine as long as the character is at least vaguely related to Halloween. ClownMan as a mime? Yes! WindMan as a Jiang-Shi? Bingo! BurnerMan cosplaying Marisa Kirisame? Absolutely! MegaMan wearing a Ghostly Gibus? Sure, whatever! Also, I would like it if you made them compatible with class based mods if possible.
-Halloween reskins of maps should be more than just texture changes. Maybe add some special stage hazards or change up the weapon placement.
-All submissions will be reviewed and critiqued before they're guaranteed to be added in. This is to make sure that any skin submitted will look good and the maps are actually fun to play on. Remember that this won't flat out reject your submission, but rather to show you how to improve it.

Where to send them? Send them to me on my Discord, and add me if you haven't already! Blood44#0065 (my name is halloweenified right now so don't fret).

Submissions close on October 30th, 12:00 AM Pacific Time. Dedicated servers will be arranged somewhere down the line.

Oh and if someone makes a full pack of the stardroids cosplaying as the sailor scouts I will give them a discord nitro.

See you scare! Um, I mean see you there.

Z-dagger: Headless DarkMan 3 (Skin)
MedalHunter: ??? (Skin)
ToastMan: Stone Drip (Skin)
Bass44: CutMan Event (Map)

 Pumpkin Bomb actor ready to use. ([/url)
Title: Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: IamaMedalHunter on October 04, 2021, 01:19:53 AM
Lovely. I'm considering making a skin for this. It's been too long since last Halloween expansion to skip this.
Title: Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: bass44 on October 10, 2021, 12:55:45 AM
Okay, so I've now got a few submissions in progress. Thanks, and let's hope more people show up for the project.

Z-dagger: Headless DarkMan 3
Fawkes: ShadeMan Metool
MedalHunter: ???
Jpeg: Stardroid Sailor Scouts
Title: Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: LlamaHombre on October 17, 2021, 09:21:16 PM
I planned on helping out on the map-side but between TTT and a recent development in my real life I'm gonna miss the deadline unless I make something pretty terrible. Wishing everyone luck!
Title: Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: bass44 on October 24, 2021, 03:42:24 AM
I would like to remind everyone that this is the last week to get something submitted!
A few people have dropped out of the expansion, and I do believe it's because of Mendez' "Textures, Teamplay, and Tango" project going on at the moment. I personally think this was a bad year to start an expansion, but I did it anyway for the sake of it returning after 5 whole years.

With that out of the way, I would like to proudly showcase my submission to this year's project.

Cut Man Event

It's your favorite robot master's battle map, but spookified!
Welcome to Camp Cutsman!


The lake contains a powerful weapon, but watch where you land!


Say hello to this map's gimmick; exploding pumpkins! Right out of Team Fortress 2's event maps. Yessir these touchy gourds will shave a full health player all the way down to 1, maneuver with extreme caution! Killing someone with these bombs will not raise your score, but it will lower theirs, so you have to avoid them as much as they do!


Bats don't come out during the day but who cares, they're there!


Some weapons have been swapped out to ones that won't interfere pumpkin bombs too much; welcome Yamato Spear and Knight Crush!


YIKES!! A ghastly specter has arrived to oversee the match, they can't hurt you though. I wonder what's with the hockey mask though...

BIG thank you to ZeroJanitor and IsabelleChiming for providing custom music for this map, I would have been stuck with the crappy NES Friday the 13th music if not for them!

One last thing; if you're interested in adding the exploding pumpkins to your own map, check out the first post on the topic, for I have updated it with a link to the actor! The instructions are set in the WAD, no need to shoot in the dark on what to do!
Title: Re: [EXPANSION] HAUNTED 8-bit deathmatch: Halloween returns!
Post by: bass44 on October 30, 2021, 10:43:04 PM
Alrighty now. Submissions have been closed
Thank you to Zdagger, Medalhunter, and ToastMan for contributing!

It's a bummer this expansion turned out to be just a "goodiebag", 70% of the participants dropped out of the project due to either stress, or for other projects like TTT or Freeman's map jam.
Next year hopefully there won't be any other projects and jams when October comes knocking. I'll also announce it a little earlier than this year to give more people time with their submissions!

With that said, enjoy the terrifying skins made by my 3 lovely contributors!

 Pumpkin DarkMan 3 (

DarkMan has been possessed by the Horseless Headless Horsemann! Run for your lives!!
...Nah actually I think Dr. Wily must've run out of money and stole a Jack-o'-lantern from some kid's house.

 Legion Devil (

It all started... when it was born.

 Stone Drip (

Bad joke here, bad joke there, let's just appreciate how StoneMan was able to find a jacket that could still show the texture of his stone armor.

So, what about Cut Man Event? Well, tomorrow and November 1st I'm going to be hosting an all-day server with it to play on it! Tell your friends, tell your ex lovers! Tell your dog, tell everyone about the first ever (that I'm aware of) Halloween reskin of a map!

Join me next year, for the ante will be raised even higher!