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CAPCHELLA 2022 (#FreeGibus) (Friday, October 14 at 8PM EST)


For anybody interested in MM8BDM CTF, I've got just the event for you. Introducing...

CAPCHELLA 2022 is going to be a 1-day event dedicated to highlighting several MM8BDM CTF maps from FunkyFlagFunction, MirrorCTF, and Recreation. I might also throw in a couple of surprise maps too for good measure but the main point of this event is to reinvigorate interest in MM8BDM CTF again. The maps will be played in a first-to-3 points format with a 15-minute time limit to ensure all maps get a good amount of exposure. If you're looking for an excuse to play vanilla or an excuse to try out a different mode in MM8BDM, this is the best opportunity around! I hope to see everybody there!

Also, please unban my homie Gibus from Cutstuff. He was just making an Eric Andre joke last time (#FreeGibus)

If gibus isnt gonna be unbanned, coachella is really gonna suck this year.

Pr. Gibberoni:
Coachella sucks this year. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I might consider joining, since I've always had a soft spot for CTF and have been looking to play some new maps designed with the game's speed and pacing in mind.

Thank you to everyone who helped Free Pr. Gibbt Hoover Pr.


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