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Instead of making a thread telling us about your dream classes, just shove em in here. Who knows, maybe I'll like the idea and end up turning it into a real class in future expansions?  :o (NO PROMISES HERE DUDES). Detail them as much as you want. You should focus on answering questions that you're most likely to be asked about em'

What is it's name?
What is it's story?
What does it look like? (feel free to post sprites/images)
How does it play? (physics, abilities)
What are it's weapons?
Why does it belong on GVH?

Based of a class in a game you know well. (l4d)
His name wouldn't be the hunter, because that would be silly. Because he can stick to walls and jump incredibly high from wall to wall, I call him Arachnoid.
When he moves he crawls on his hand and feet, is fast and is partially blurred(Invisible). He can jump from wall to wall and stick on them. His primary attack is a leap forward, that insta-kills if its done from a certain distance at short distances it causes some sort of short visual impairment on the attacked humans(red flash) screen but isn't deadly. His secondary attack is a life sucking scratch that does little damage but regenerates some hp.
He'd be hard to play, since landing a direct hit in a fast paced game as doom isn't easy. But because of his speed and ability to move and jump around maps quickly he'd be deadly in the hands of a master. Not to forget he'll be blurred.
Why does it belong on gvh? Because everything about the hunter just rocks, and it would be one of the most challenging ghouls to play.

New human: Psychopath (or something similar)

I think it would be just JOLLY good fun to have a stealth human that sneaks up on ghouls and scares the crap out of them... no more people joining ghouls just because they're scared of the creeper.

As far as what he would look like, I'm not sure at all, maybe just a plain looking human, only heavily invisible (similar to the stealth guys in Hide n Seek)

As far as movement, I think it would be fun to make him rather slow, yet stupid powerful (1 hit-ko's) maybe no alternate fire to make up for this.

Just an idea.


Story: Yurei's brother! At yurei's horrible death at the hands of her parents a completely unknown (even to the parents) brother died too as they thought he would tell the police. As yurei and yurentio went down the stream they were split in the stream with yurei headed to the forbiden forrest and yurentio heading to a uncharted cave. He was found one day by choke who was scattering evil lands looking for another minion for the yurei when he stumbled along yurentio's cave. When Choke told him about the situation he ran to the forbiden forest to meet yurei. They are now a brother and sister ghoul-ass team! With yurei as the brains, and Yurentio as the brawns....

Looks: He would have a sort of tattered red version of yurei's sprites

Powers: He would have a low gravity jump (kinda like having a paracute with a high jump rune). His normal attack would send a homing soul skull projectile which does 20-30 impact damage and damage up to 50 with a 2 damage at a time poisoning effect  but after each attack he has a 5 second recharge but during so he has a split second burst of speed in which he can safely retreat before getting 50 ice shots in the face. His alt fire has 3 ammo which can be regenerated by killing a human with his skull projectile.
When he uses his altfire he stands still/moves slowly for a second then realeses a circle of a certain projectile each with a diffant effect

Altfire projectiles:
Fire: A simple 30 damaging projectile (note i havent made damage high because there will be a ring of these and 60-70 damage would be stupid)
Ice: 6-13 damage and slows down the target a little bit for 2 seconds (depending on how much hit the human is how much it slows down)
Thunder: 2-6 *Hitscan* paralizes target for a split second (a nice chance for a creeper)

Little slower than marine no special movement things except for speed burst which makes him go faster than any class while it lasts

Edit: He would have 70 health to balence (but would be more skinnier then yurei because his movment pattern is pridictable)


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