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Laggy Blazko:
That's not a ghoul, it's a turret. Ghouls are supposed to get close to humans most of the time.

Name: Grand Digger
Type: Ghoul

The humans knew they had to find a way to push back the ghouls, so they excavated a large, lifeless desert with a very low pit in its center. As they drilled the pit deeper, a quaking began, the entire desert shook lightly at first, and then kept on strengthing, forcing the miners to move slower and slower. Once the quake reached a destructive level, a massive purple, wide sandworm burst from the pit rims, trapped most of the miners, and sank back down, swallowing the miners whole, with only their blood left behind. The Grand Digger had awoken.

Appearence: A colossal purple sandworm with incredible body width and length, wide enough to swallow a group of humans and ghouls whole, in fact.

Abilities and Attacks:
He may be big and incredible durable (around 310 HP), but this worm ghoul is as slow as a class can possibly be. (AKA the lowest speed a class can be.) However, he hides underground most of the game, signalled by a player slowing (all characters except Grand Diggers.) earthquake.
Attack (main fire) Ground Burst: The Grand Digger bursts forth and swallows anything within its wide, trapping maw. (both enemies and allies.) However, it must be done in a place where the digger's body fits, and during this attack is when The Grand Digger is vunerable to attack.
Ability (alt fire) Quake Boost: temporarily make the quake shake more violently and slow the above grounders more. (cannot be done mid attack, as that's when the quake stops completely.

Why it belongs in GvH:
Most Ghouls are small and fast, so why not make the opposite, and give it an interesting risk vs reward mechanic? (it can kill teammates with its attack, but it can kill lots of humans.) The fact it also risks damage from outside of range players when devouring also makes it extremely dicey, which I think is something the current ghoul group lacks, risk.

NAME: Mindmelter
TYPE: Ghoul

Its story:
Mindmelter, before his awful transformation, was a scientist living in a small town, working for a small company that studied the advancement in brain function. The scientist was mad, and used living, breathing human subjects in his secret, inhumane expreiments. year after year, the scientist would create horrible mutations from the experiments he performed, all in the name of science and productivity. one day, one of his test subjects escaped and burned his laboratory, taking the scientist with it. the horrible mixtures the Scientist had created spilled into his monstrously disfigured body, causing his brain and head to swell to incredible size, and the rest of his body to rot away. Yurei, seeing the potential for a servant who can fight with its own brain, revived the Scientist and recruit him to Yureis ranks, and dubbing him as "The Mindmelter."

Appearance: Mindmelter appears as a skull with eyes still intact, but its brain has swollen to incredible size, and is exposed through its broken, bloody skull.

Ability: it has little health, but can move quickly. he is more of a supporter than an attacker, using his opponents minds to his advantage.

Damaging Hallucination: Mindmelter causes the victim to hallucinate a mass of hornets attacking them, which causes damage over time until the victim either dies or the hallucination comes to an end.

Mental Decoy: Mindmelter causes the humans to see a non-existant copy of one of the ghouls, which runs about, acting as a distraction for the humans.

Mind Control: a low damage attack that, when it kills a human, causes the victim to become a minion for the Ghouls.

Reason: i feel that there needs to be more classes that can assist other teammates.

Tactical Bomber

Name: Sonic.Exe
Type: Ghoul

I'm a total Sonic the Hedgehog fan much like everyone else, I like the newer games, but I don't mind playing the classics. I don't think I've ever played glitchy or hacked games before, though I don't think I want to play any after the experience I had...

It started on a nice summer afternoon, I was playing Sonic Unleashed (I liked how you get to explore the towns in it) until I noticed, out of my peripheral vision, that the mailman had arrived and put something in my mailbox as usual and left. I paused my game to go see what I got in the mail... The only thing in the Mailbox was a CD case for computers and a note. I took it inside.

See Image:
(click to show/hide)
Primary Fire:
Only spook enemies with aiming

Secondary Fire:
Teleport at the back of enemy

When killed, Sonic.Exe has a last stand for 10 seconds (for invulnerability)

For other reason:
Must added this in GvH, this will be best part against all Ghoul Masters, i can edit this sprite and effect of this class not making a flying glitch


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