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[TUTORIAL] How to Make Your Own Bots

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ok just a quick question (yay im going to sound really stupid saying this, YAY BEING NEW  :| ) anyway what if you didnt make the skin....then it dosnt show up there so how would you make the bot? it confuses me....i was going to make an awesome bumomoing devil.....

Okay, so does the skin show up on your skin select screen? If not, then you downloaded it wrong.

If so, then you have to name the skin correctly in BOTINFO. My Yellow Devil skin is called "Yellow Devil", so that's what you'd put to make that.

In game it shows up perfectly fine, but its not in MM8BDM-SGC so how would i be able to like transfer it over? i tried doing it, but when i try to load the game it just goes to an error or does that not matter and im DOING IT WRONG!

You don't need to put the skin in MM8BDM-SGC.pk3. If its in your skins folder, it will work. That's all you have to do.

Test it and let me know if it works.

and it works perfectly fine YAY and boo at the same time, cuz my first attempt i did the exact same thing. only for some reason it stayed as the base bot. and my second attempt failed miserably. thanks for the help! Bumomomomo!


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