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Doomseeker is a Doom Port Server Browser, which gives you a list of all available servers for Zandronum, Skulltag, Odamex, Vavoom, and ChocolateDoom. Don't worry, we'll only be using one of them: Zandronum.

Doomseeker is amazingly convenient and fast compared to the internal browser.

How to use the internal browser:
Load MM8BDM.
Navigate through the clunky browser.
Get server info.
Download all missing wads manually.
Reload MM8BDM with wads manually.
Navigate to server.
Connect and play.

How to use Doomseeker:
Load Doomseeker.
Select server.
WADseeker automatically downloads all missing wads for you.
Connect and play.

Doomseeker is easily ten times faster, so once you've installed it, you can get right into multiplayer games and frag away!


Posting this here because previous guides have been buried or point to now outdated servers or addons.

This is a guide for Windows. If you have a Mac and don't have any better way to run Windows programs, look here... but no promises, sorry.
STEP 1: Download the game.
Go to and click the prominent download button. Easy as that!
STEP 2: Install the game.
Extract the downloaded ZIP file wherever you want it. If you don't know a good place, just extract it to a folder on your Desktop.
STEP 3: Install Doomseeker, a server browser.
Click this link to download Doomseeker: ...
Install it much the same as you did MM8BDM; I recommend another directory inside of your MM8BDM folder.
STEP 4: Configure Doomseeker.
Run Doomseeker.exe to open Doomseeker. Ensure the following settings are set:
In the "Query" dropdown tab, ensure the only option enabled is "Zandronum".
In the "Options" dropdown tab, open "Configure".
- Under Engines, select Zandronum. Click the three dots next to the "Path to Executable" field and navigate to the directory you extracted MM8BDM to. Select "Zandronum.exe"
*Note: If you finish these steps and selecting a server in Doomseeker causes the single player launcher to appear, you selected MM8BDM.exe instead of Zandronum.exe- Ensure you have the latter in this field.
- In the same Zandronum tab, ENSURE your "Masterserver address" is set to and "Testing Releases" is UNCHECKED.
- In the configure window, locate "File Paths". Select the folder that contains MM8BDM.exe and Zandronum.exe (along with a number of other files).
- Under WadSeeker, select General. For "Directory WadSeeker will put WADs into", select the same directory that you selected for File Paths.
- Under WadSeeker, select Sites. If the website is not listed, add it. This site holds the vast majority of mods you will need to use to connect to servers.
Click the funnel icon near the top of the window. In the WADs field, type the following: megagame
STEP 5: You're done!
Double click on a server to connect to it. Chances are you'll have to download some extra files before you can connect- allow Wadseeker to download them (the thing we configured earlier) and it'll grab all the mods for you automatically (handy!). If it doesn't find a mod file, chances are it's not publically available (in beta, made for certain people, etc etc.). If you're having issues, sign up here on the forums and post in the Help&Editing section.

STEP 6: Future Proofing
If you open up Doomseeker and see that- at the time of writing this guide- MM8BDM-v5a.pk3 is not the most up-to-date version of the game, redownload from the original mm8bdm download site. If you copy over your Zandronum-[username].ini file and all your mod files, all your settings will be intact for your fresh install!

Of more importance is the fact that Zandronum updates at a different schedule than MM8BDM. If you try connecting to a server and it says your version of Zandronum is out of date, go to and download the newest release package. Just get the zip file- you can just extract that into your MM8BDM folder, overwriting the old files. Of course, making a backup never hurts...

No servers are popping up, and there's a message saying I'm banned from the Zandronum Master Server! Why?
Sometimes, the Zandronum Staff needs to ban a range of IPs to keep a known cheater or troll out of the servers. Sometimes, players get caught up in these ranges and are banned before they can even play. If that happens to you, follow these instructions and you'll be unbanned.

Now that you've installed Doomseeker, feel free to use this post for any questions you have about Doomseeker Tech Support!

Mr. X:
I'm having trouble.  I've done everything you've said, but I get an error message "C:/users/PERSONALINFORMATIONHERE/Desktop/MM8BDM-v1a/0.98d-alpha-r2969 doesn't exist.  You need to install new testing binaries."

Try unticking the testing binaries checkbox in the engine screen. That might be a step I missed in the tutorial but it worked for me on my computer.


--- Quote from: "CutmanMike" ---Try unticking the testing binaries checkbox in the engine screen. That might be a step I missed in the tutorial but it worked for me on my computer.
--- End quote ---
Well i got a problem here i just got this game...
and when i try running doomseeker it says i am banned...Though i never played with this neither doom 2 or any doom series
i even tryed the game internal browser it said in consol i am banned.. :shock:
any help here?

You need to contact the skulltag people about that. Most likely your IP was caught in a range ban by mistake.


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