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Mega Man Discussion / End or not end for the megaman story ?
« on: June 04, 2016, 08:52:12 AM »
I don't understand people who want the end of some megaman series like MM classic or EXE because "the last game put a "final" end for it" because they want a ZX3 or something, i think, it's very hypocrit.

Megaman classic is not like a novel or a rpg game where you can have rarely a next story after that.
Megaman is more like Mario, Dr Wily can come back if he wants, same with Megaman X with Sigma (even with X8 story), Megaman series (Classic/X) doesnt care really about the story since the beginning and world of imagination has no limit.

The fact people want a end to some serie to be sure "their" favorite serie can continue, make me angry as hell....I don't understand why people don't assume what they think :/
Same for Megaman.EXE, MMBN6 said it's the end", but you can always find some others stuff or canon story.

And not only for megaman, but it does that for a lot of videogames serie, why people can't just accept the fact some serie could get a next story or something canon, like Megaman EXE who get MMEXE 4.5 with the tournament style game ?

And guess what, we will don't know what happened to Megaman Classic, even if some video said It could be zero who killed megaman (just because it looks "fun").
The way the fans try to crush the serie of the others with saying that is really chaotic.

I know, i don't like MM.Z and ZX for the design and story especially, i have said why, but when you have a good strong Zero and he becomes a little thing who looks like a kid, it's just a no sens (or maybe because it feet better on the gba screen), just because the game is fun doesnt mean It's a good experience, Candy Crush can be fun too ! (or not :/
For Megaman Star Force, the story and characters looks nice but it's the gameplay who bored me, i have played the first game but the "move" part frustrated me :/

I know people want have fun stuff, fun games, but when the principe start to be a no sens, why do you like this serie and not an other then? Be stuck on megaman and accept all the thing The devrooms give you, is very naive.

I like a lot the Megaman Battle Network serie (and i could cry if a new good one is released), but im pretty a new EXE will be bashed by a lot of megaman classic/X fans who are more, and more active than the fans of the others series, so if i could get a Classic/X crossover by exemple, it could be perfect.

General Gaming Discussion / Undertale, how it's ?
« on: January 15, 2016, 04:27:55 PM »
Hey, i wanted some opinions about this game... how much time does it need to finish it around? I mean, i hope It's long because a friend told me, it's about 7 hours, it seems a bit short...

welp, i have killed
(click to show/hide)
in the battle, i didnt know I could spare her..... x:
Im a bad guy now =(
It doesn't look really hard but it looks more a psychological game with funny stuff!...
Anyway, i suppose i must do finish the game once with my own thoughts =P

Funny part.
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Well, not like if the game was so recent but better to use "spoiler", right? :)

MM8BDM Discussion / Is it possible to cheat with MM8BDM ?....
« on: October 14, 2015, 02:42:25 PM »
I hate cheats/cheating, there is no pride, honor, when you cheat in a tournament and others.
Bikdark told me, the "canadians" cheated, how can it be possible with MM8BDM ? Specially if the server use no autoaim (or not, autoaim is awful I think) or no_chasecam (it's a cheat I think).
If you have some "evidences", I can listen.
Remember people, there is always a guy stronger than you : )

Mega Man Discussion / Megaman movie is coming?
« on: September 25, 2015, 01:55:15 AM » ... a-man.html

By FOX...i have a bad feeling a bout it, specially when they say "action movie" like a real film, well, wait and see......but it seems FOX didnt do so well with the film who use videogames licence. (super mario bros and some others).

General Gaming Discussion / Umbrella Corps (RE world): COD-like by capcom ?
« on: September 24, 2015, 07:02:55 AM »
Here is the first trailer...
(click to show/hide)
When megaman fans wait for an original game for the megaman serie (with a ton of hopes), capcom use his money to make a (it seems) COD-like with the world of resident evil.
Some people will say: "They can do it because they can get money for it"...ok but is it made with a true passion or is it just a copy of the COD licence of activision just to get easy money like a lot of companies did it before? (BLOOD 2 tried to copy Half life/goldeneye style and ruined the real atmosphere of BLOOD, by exemple).

But, im scared, people continue to buy a lot of cheap megaman goodies.....we don't get a game, i hope people will understand, with this kind of "thing" who looks to be a AAA game...
Anyways, looks like a military shooter like COD-zombie....

I didnt say the gameplay is bad (i dont have seen some real videos about the gameplay) but it looks so out of originality.... :/
From Capcom, it's sad, again.

Capcom made a good TOY for us: ... man-helmet

It can be fun if some people take it for some festivals, i could buy it to my stand in some videogames festival lol.
Finaly.... i dont like the recent goodies, not only because i would prefer a game first but some goodies like the mini helmet of lookcraft and some others, are just very bad (well not a big deal anyway).
Original toy!

General Gaming Discussion / RED ASH, new megaman legend type ?
« on: July 02, 2015, 05:36:58 PM »

The name of the game is RED ASH.
He uses a lot "legend" in the description....
More informations soon certainly...., he will be at Anime Expo (Los Angeles) for the july 4. ;)

But the name reminds me Pokemon lol, anyways, we will see.

General Gaming Discussion / Brutal DOOM
« on: June 30, 2015, 03:09:36 AM »
There is some weeks ago, Brutal DOOM v20 is released, some people dont like it because there was some problems between Sergent Mark and some others guys, i dont know and i dont care, i mean, better to play a mode if it's good hu ?

Anyways, it's what i posted in the zandronum forum, about the news things of Brutal doom v20 (compared to vanilla doom).
Brutal DOOM is not only a weapon mode who buffed the weapons:

The zombies have more HP than Normal doom and shoot faster than the normal one who is just "walk around, shoot 1 bullet, continue to walk a little and then, die with 1 or 2 bullet of the pistol of Doomguy, In brutal doom, you need to hit the head to kill them quickly (and it can hard to do it, but you can use the scop mode with alt). same with shotgunner or machinegunner, they are more reactive and have more HP.

Some ennemies can be killed in 1 shot of SSG, like the cacodemon, or the Revenant, but you need to be really in close range....
Like stuck on a cacodemon but it can be dangerous, same with the revenant, you need to shoot the head really close.
In an other way, Cacodemon can dodge your attacks by, suddenly "dashing" on the air, it's really hard if you try to kill them with a Rocket Launcher.... they shoot the fireballs faster too.

The revenants spam more the little rockets but the splash damage is not so powerful, except if you take the rocket directly on you.
It's like the cyberdemon, he can spam more rocket (like 5) but faster than the vanilla cyberdemon, but yeah, if you take the rocket directly on you, it hurts.

What about if vanilla Cyberdemon shoot only 1 rocket who do a huge splash damage who kill you in 1 shot? You seem my point, Brutal DOOM try to make the gameplay faster with more dodge and with a precis gameplay (you can headhsot the zombies or revenant to kill them faster but it's not so easy).

The point of brutal doom is to improve the gameplay in a way, in the v20, the weapons are more balanced than before and all of them are helpful, the grenade is what we need in DOOM, a weapon a do a rounded trajectory, angle..... (like a grenade launcher), you can have only 20 grenades by bag, but the power is really great, a good way to be tactic. The grenade is maybe very powerful but it doesnt explose directly on the ennemy, so it's balanced in that way.

What about the Baron of Hell ? he can charge a 5 plasmaballs but need a little time to do it. He can take an explosive barrel and throw it at you, the Hell Knight can shot the plasma balls faster too.

The imp seems to have more HP too, shoot fireballs faster and can jump on your to slash you.
Like some others ennemies, sergent mark added more balance between strong stuff and weak stuff to make an other new gameplay for the game.....

Some ennemies can be killed faster in a way but you need some skill to do it, if you do well, you deserve your success, if you fail, you was just not accurate/precis. It's not just spam ennemy with autoaim/no-mouselook (but i respect this way to play because it's basically doom.)
For the reload, the reload of the weapons are just for the style but it can be done very quickly (except for the Double gun but yeah balance..) but the best is when you change the weapons => it's done VERY QUICKLY, so, in doom vanilla, when you change a weapon, it can be dangerous sometimes, in brutal doom, it's not more a problem.

The "finish" are not so easy to do, it can be dangerous if you have a strong ennemy near you who wait to hit you when you finish an ennemy....and it gives only 10 hp now....

What about the special difficult 10/12 scale who make the ennemy 2x Faster? I did it with Udoom, it was full of fun. :)

The Double Gun is good but it's only for 2 weapons, the m4 type and Plasmagun, the Double M4 is less precis than the usual m4 and the double plasmagun is not precis at all (for balance with the normal plasmagun). I use double plasmagun against Cyberdemon, Master Spider (from far) or against some ennemies waves....
Each weapons has really his role, the mancubus weapon is pretty helpful too (fun to burn a zombies who go everywhere and burn the other, they start to attack the burnt zombie and then, you can attack them in their back lol :)

I play often the normal DOOM (with mouselook) but Brutal DOOM is a good way to play a faster and very precis gameplay than just classic'... and anyways, maybe DOOM is like a perfect game but it's always fun to have some ideas who can make the game more accurate in some others ways.....

But im happy to see Brutal DOOM v20 is popular, more than before:

The trailer get like 350 000 views and a lot of likes in 1 week...see now.... near 800 000, crazy, im not scared for the community of this mode (:

It's: Mega Man Legacy Collection !!!!! ENJOY IT

Line Capcom at E3!: "Durant la nouvelle édition de l'E3 à Los Angeles, nous présenterons les jeux suivants: Mega Man Legacy Collection, Resident Evil 0, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition et Street Fighter V !" Yes, it's french but you understand, special edition....collection........dat capcom x___x

*return to do some others things......*

EDIT: More details there: ... -platforms

By exemple: "Some notes about the additional modes:

Leaderboards, challenges, replays: Challenge Mode takes moments from each title and weaves them into a series of, well, challenges! So things like 'can you do these six areas strung together with one life bar' or 'try fighting all six Mega Man 1 bosses in a row.' And to keep the quest for the best time alive, the top performers in each Challenge will have their replay data uploaded and viewable to everyone! There will be many challenges to vex seasoned players AND help train newcomers in the ways of the Blue Bomber.

Database: Each Mega Man game will have a database that includes enemy lists. From here you can read details about certain enemies and hop directly to them for a practice session. For example, say you're tired of playing all the way to Quick Man just to lose over and over. With the database, you can hop directly to him and practice that buster run until you get it down to a science. Then it's off to the full game for the real deal!

Museum: MMLC will sport an exhaustive collection of sketches, art and other visual materials that help put you in that 1987~1992 time period. Part of this game's goal is the preservation of history, and the folks at Digital Eclipse are scanning items at absurdly high resolutions to make them as clean and clear as possible."

well ok...

Mega Man Discussion / What if Capcom announce a megaman FPS like...
« on: June 05, 2015, 06:56:43 AM »
What will be your thought about it ?
If it's a MEGAMAN (hd nextgen) FPS? who use the world of classic/x by exemple (or others). like MM8BDM.
I did a poll for that...
For me, if it's bad, i will critic it but i will be happy to see they tried to make this kind of game (who can become better later).
If it's good, i will be happy, just have some thought about balance, with bash capcom with "shit shit shit"because it's less good than MM8BDM.
If it's better than MM8BDM (physic/possibilities), so yeah enjoy it.

11 ... announced/

Suddendly, i have like..a hope for a new megaman game in 2015....we will see, but an animated serie could be so good, specially if it uses the style of the manga Megamix/Gigamix or like Super Adventure Rockman....i hope just It wont be like the cartoon lol.

But for 2017? It seems to be a serious project. Nice.

General Gaming Discussion / What are you favorite FPS? (except mm8bdm)
« on: April 22, 2015, 05:32:58 PM »
You can say what are your favorites fps and why.

Mine are:

1/Heretic, Doom-like with Medievial/Fantastic mystic style, the OST is pretty special too. I like how is the inventory too, the tome of power modify all your weapons and make them stronger/differents, also, you have a lot of differents zones: forest/ forest with creek, Citadel, Castle, Church, Volcano/magma..ect.... Need more love for Heretic but yeah, he is very unpopular anyways, maybe my favorite FPS, there wont be a new one but i hope there will be some others extensions for this Heretic. (I need to finish Horde of Chaos, Master of Chaos and an other of 1 episode, fanmades.
2/Doom: The only FPS where you have a so dynamic style, you can kill 3 or 4 ennemies with a Super Shotgun, those ennemies can hurt you a lot too, fast move, some good weapons, the rythm of doom is perfect for me. With Brutal Doom, it becomes more than perfect, like Crazyyyyy, but good :)
3/Duke Nukem 3D: Funny FPS, Good and fast moves, a nice inventory, some funny weapons (like the shrinker or laserbombe thing), there is the vertical line too in this game, but you have a lot of variety of maps and it's like realistic, even if it's old, it's really good.
4/Quake: Awesome gameplay, pretty well made, i dont like a lot the atmopshere but the gameplay is very good and very agressive i like it
5/Hexen: I finished only the first one with the 3 characters,i need to finish the expension.....Only 4 weapons for each characters but the atmosphere and the level design are awesome....mystic style. (:
I could say Wolfenstein, but i didnt like the last one (TNO) and the 2001 one is not so......huge' :/
I need to try blood, but i need to find a way to play with mouselook (yeah i need it >< )

General Gaming Discussion / Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butôden! DBZ 2D IS BACK!
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:17:10 PM »
2D DBZ is back and it will be on the 3DS!
(click to show/hide)

This new game will use the style of the old DBZ Botôden on the super nintendo! when it was fast (specially with turbo mode) and with some combo like in Street figher (left-down-right+B ect...)
It will be for summer 2015 in japan, i hope We can get this game too! I will buy a 3DS just for that! (and i could buy the SSB4 too maybe).
The developper of this game is Arc System Works, the ones who made Guilty Gear and Blazeblue ! 100 characters can be used (100 around, im not sure)

Hope more infos soon!  :D

(click to show/hide)

General Gaming Discussion / Keyboard+Mouse or Controller/Paddle for FPS?
« on: February 11, 2015, 07:26:36 AM »
I tried to play Turok with a paddle because i downloaded the n64 version...seriously, how people can play with a paddle XBOX with a FPS ?....
When i have the N64, i was able to handle a paddle but now, it's like impossible..... I prefer  a keyboard/mouse + No-autoaim/Mouselook....

And you, for mm8bdm or some others fps, do you prefer keyboard/mouse or a controller? Some games are only on console so it can be a reason, but when it's on PC ?...

I put a Poll because it can be interesting about mm8bdm. :)

All is there: ... le-future/
"Sad news today as Sega has announced that it’s cutting 300 jobs and is restructuring its business model. The company says that it’s focussing its efforts on the popular mobile space and online PC games. Sega has also said that it’s cutting down on physical releases and will instead be concentrating on downloadable content. The company will also focus on their Sonic and merchandising businesses. The move comes about due to the inevitable sales failure of Sonic Boom on both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS."

Pretty sad...Could be the same with..capcom?

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