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Just a little snippet of useless information

Anyone besides me ever realize that the sprite scale in the mod is not actually to scale for the environments, when dircetly compared to Megaman's nes sprite in the games.

The players sprites especially, they are set to a scale of 2.5, when they should be 2.0 to match the scale of the textures from the nes games, which have been doubled for MM8BDM.

Try a simple examination of the textures especially putting Megaman against a small textured block of 32 map height in game. In MM8BDM his entire face and a small bit of his shoulders sticks above these smaller blocks.

In the NES games, the top black part of Megaman's eyes are obscured by the block, and only one row of skin above each eye is visible.

In MM8BDM, Megaman appears 60 pixels in height due to a scaling of (2.5x24) instead of 48 pixels which is (2x24).

Whereas the textures in MM8BDM are 2 times their normal size, not 2.5, because it makes more sense as the mapping is multiples of 16 and would not line up otherwise.

I wonder if there ever been any consideration towards changing the player sprites and weapon graphics to a scale of 2 (some of the weapon graphics are a  scale of 2 btw, but most are not)

"Knowing is Growing"  :mrgreen:

Feel free to add to this and post your own "Did you know"

Did you know that MM8BDM stands for Mega Man 8-bit deathmatch

Knowing is growing

Did you know there are three identical whites on the MM8BDM palette?

Fun fact, the palette consists of three palettes used for different resources from which MM8BDM had collected its assets from: The NTSC palette from NES, the Rockman 7 FC palette, and the Megaman 10 palette.
This set of colors only supplements 192 of the 256 colors, the rest are remnants of the modified Doom Palette 8BDM made use of prior to version 3.

Did you know that you are capable of jumping 90 pixels high when most maps assume you can only jump 64?
Did you know that "Aeration Sun" is actually an anogram for SoniaNature?
Did you know that Ring Boomerang is by far the most common weapon in CTF maps?

Did you know the Rain Flush sound effect used in the game is actually different from the original MM4 sound effect? In MM4, Rain Flush only plays once, while in MM4, the sound effect loops 3 times to make up for the duration of the attack itself.

Did you know the pain sound effect used for MM3 skins is virtually the same as the pain sound effect used for MM4 and onward skins? The MM4 one has extra notes on the triangle channel, while the MM3 one doesn't.

Did you know the Metal Blade sound effect used in the game is very slightly different from the original MM2 sound effect? The noise channel part of it is slightly less loud so its not jarring on the ears when people spam the weapon over and over.

Did you know the sound effect used in-game for health and ammo restoration is custom-made? Since this game uses an instant refill instead of the slow refill seen in the original games, a short loop of the sound effect is used instead. Before its update, it used to mimic the MM3-MM4-MM5-MM6 variation with its "flatline-ness", while the current one was modified to be more like its MM2-MM9-MM10 counterpart, where each time the SFX is played for each "peg of health", it cuts the previously played one.

Did you know that the three sound effects used in-game for Atomic Fire's charging are purposefully exactly the same number of PCM samples (and file size) to allow a smooth playback offline? This of course isn't usually possible online at higher ping counts...


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