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--- Quote from: "TrueTenguMan" ---Ugh, Sonic fan remix...

Game itself is nice looking, but they rrrrreally over did it with those graphics that "seeing" whats in front of you is the real challenge factor instead of the stage set up, that and it lags like hell without a good computer. Other than that, it's pretty decent.
--- End quote ---

I can't see it getting very far without Sega stepping in and ending it's fun run

Minecraft :>

Team Fortress 2

Actually I think people may like this one...

Yup thats right, a freaking showdown against Rock and Samus Aran. Probably the biggest showdown everyone has been looking forward to for years. Just like the Mario crossover, you can find this on Newgrounds too :p

Lord Toadman:
Didn't that guy also make a Ghost and Goblins/Megaman crossover game too?


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