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Classy Maps for Classy People - A CCBM Mapping Contest!

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I want maps for competitive classes because I think CCBM is fun and could use tailor-made maps. So, allow me to introduce the first-ever (and potentially Best-Ever) mapping competition for CCBM:

(Image graciously provided by Ecl1p5e)Rules for Classy Maps for Classy People (last updated 8/2/2020)
Please read and follow all rules listed below
By signing up, you agree to all rules listed below
If you have questions about the rules, please let Mendez know so that rules can be clarified and updated
MUST = Necessary, not a rule you can bend (E.G. No duplicate signups allowed EVER)
SHOULD = Not necessary, but ideal (E.G. If you want to use music from NES Silver Surfer but don't have permission, I won't really sweat it)
CAN = Optional, you can ignore the rule entirely if you want (E.G. you don't need to add custom music, but it's always a nice touch)

Sign-up template
Duo Partner name (if going duo):

Hereís how to sign up: (click to show/hide)1) Signups must be done through the Cutstuff topic or through the TF Discord #contest-signups channel
    A) Cutstuff topic can be found at
    B) TF Discord can be found at
2) When signing up, please post the following info:
    A) Your name
    B) Whether you will work solo/duo
    C) If you will be part of a duo, please post your partner's name.
3) You must not sign up on behalf of your duo partner. Both partners must sign up to confirm they are a duo
4) Signups must only submit one map
    A) Please don't try to double-dip by submitting one map solo and one map as a duo
    B) PLEASE DON'T TRY TO DOUBLE-DIP and work on different teams of duos
    C) PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T TRY TO DOUBLE-DIP by making two maps and putting them in one wad
5) People who win should have a valid PayPal e-mail address for transferring prize money
    A) People who can't use PayPal must work with Mendez to set-up another way for transferring prize money
6) Judges must not sign up for the contest
    A) Judges can give advice and suggestions for map issues, though
7) People who signup as duos must split the prize money 50/50 with their duo partner
8) Signups will be accepted until the deadline: September 1st 11:59:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
9) Any solo signups that wish to become duos must BOTH re-submit signup info and notify Mendez before the deadline
  A) This is to confirm both parties consent to the merge
  B) Duos must submit ONE map together. Rule 4 applies.
10) Any duo signups that wish to split must BOTH re-submit signup info and notify Mendez before the deadline
  A) This is to confirm both parties consent to the split
  B) Duos that split must make their own layouts from scratch
    i. Rule 4 applies. No duplicate layouts.
Here are the map rules: (click to show/hide)1) The map must be made with a layout entirely by you (and your duo partner if you have one)
    A) A map template will be provided for completely new mappers to build from
    B) If submitting a map made prior to the contest, please list the source
2) Maps must be made in this format to fit with MM8BDM standards:
    A) Game Configuration = GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF)
    B) Script Type = Zandronum ACS
    C) IWAD = Megagame.wad
    D) Base .PK3 = MM8BDM-V5D.pk3
3) Maps must have MAPINFO with the following info to fit with MM8BDM standards:
    A) map CMCPXX "Cool map name"
        i. You can change the map name to whatever you want
    B) Music = "SONGNAME"
        i. You can set the stage music to whatever you want (e.g. "HARMUS")
    C) Sky1 = "SKYBOX", 0
        i. You can set the Skybox texture to whatever you want (e.g. "BLACK")
    D) aircontrol = 0.5
    E) Other properties can be included in the MAPINFO lump such as:
        i. forcenoskystretch
        ii. clipmidtextures
4) Maps must have the following items:
    A) 32 Deathmatch Starts (Thing Type 11)
    B) 16 Team Light Starts (Thing Type 5080)
    C) 16 Team Wily Starts (Thing Type 5081)
    D) 8 Team Cossack Starts (Thing Type 5083)
    E) 8 Team King Starts (Thing Type 5084)
5) All linedefs surrounding death pits must have the "block monster" box ticked
    A) This is for CCBM's pit protect feature
6) Maps can have custom/modded content (Music/ACS/textures/sprites/DECORATE/sounds/etc)
    A) Please see the Custom Content rules, this is a long one
7) MM8BDM Vanilla weapons/pickups/items can be added to the map
    A) Note: Maps will not be judged based on use in vanilla
8) Stage/Boss/Intense/Victory music will be provided by Mendez if mappers choose not to have music in their maps
    A) This is to encourage casual play :)
9) Spawns can be stacked
Here are the rules for custom/modded content: (click to show/hide)Custom/modded Content:
1) ACS scripts must not conflict with scripts already in MM8BDM-V5D.pk3
      A) Basically don't worry, your first 20 scripts will be fine. Just don't go up to 900.
2) Custom content (excluding music) must be sourced from MM8BDM-V5D.pk3
      A) Basically if there's a sprite/object that didn't come from MM8BDM but looks like it came from MegaManV/Halo/Street Fighter, it's gone.
3) Custom content must not overwrite any content already in MM8BDM-V5D.pk3
      A) Basically your content must be easy to host and compatible with MM8BDM.
4) Custom weapons/pickups/items/classes are not allowed
      A) Basically keep it simple, don't turn this into some fantasy RPG.
5) Custom content must be SFW (Basically keep it rated E-10/PEGI-12)
6) Maps can have custom music
    A) Maps must credit the music author and should be used with permission
    B) Music must be in .ogg or .nsf format and should be loopable
        i. The .ogg format is recommended because it is easy to create and compress
        ii. Zandronum's .nsf player has issues with chip support and smooth playback
    C) Total size of custom music must be under 5 MB (compression is encouraged)
    D) Music should sound 8-bit in nature (LSDJ and GXSCC are fine)
    E) Note: Maps will not be judged based on music choice (Most CBL players shut off all music)
    F) Custom music must be SFW (Basically keep it rated E-10/PEGI-12)
Hereís how to submit your map: (click to show/hide)1) Maps must be submitted to one of the following:
    A) Mendez
    B) TF Discord (#content-submissions channel)
2) Maps must not be shown to judges, EVER
3) Maps must be submitted in the .PK3 or .WAD format and should be under 10MB
4) Maps must be submitted before the deadline: September 1st 11:59:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
5) Maps can be updated before the deadline
    A) Basically, you can make small changes if you think you forgot something
6) No submissions or updates are allowed after the deadline
Hereís how the map will be judged: (click to show/hide)1) Maps will be played and judged on the following game modes:
    A) CCBM Priv TLMS (usually 3v3 or 4v4)
    B) CCBM Buckshot Duel
    C) Basically, you should design your map for 2-12 person competitive classes matches
2) Maps will be judged on the following categories:
    A) Layout/Spawns (good map structure, good map flow, good spawns for competitive play)
    B) Visuals (good texturing, good art style)
    C) Creativity/Concepts (clever gimmicks/content/styles)
    D) Functionality (working scripts and no map bugs)
3) A score gauging chart will be used by all judges to score each map (like MAGMML)
    A) Layout/Spawns are worth up to 50 points
    B) Visuals are worth up to 25 points
    C) Creativity/Concepts are worth up to 10 points
    D) Functionality is worth up to 15 points
    E) Total score = Sum of all previous scores (up to 100 points)
4) Maps will be ranked based on Overall scores
    A) Overall score = Sum of Total scores from all judges
    B) Maps with the same Overall score will go through the following tiebreakers:
        i) Higher overall layout/spawns score
        ii) Higher overall visuals score
        iii) Higher overall Creativity/Concepts score
        iv) Higher overall Functionality score
        v) Judges' Vote
5) Judges are required to play each map once in both game modes before they can score the map
6) Judges must write an essay (at least 300 words) for each entry to summarize their thoughts
7) If judges suspect a map was made to troll the contest, they can vote to ban the map from the contest
    A) Judge votes must be unanimous for maps to get banned
Here are the judges themselves: (click to show/hide)Judge 1: # King Dumb
The co-founder of the sharpest MM8BDM clan, King Dumb also brings an encyclopedia of game knowledge with him thanks to his prior experience as a lead developer of MM8BDM.
Judge 2: # Nemu
Always an influential force in the field of MM8BDM mapping, Nemuís keen eye for details will ensure this contest is fairly judged down to the last texture. A good color palette is recommended.
Judge 3: [NWO] Mobius
You know who he is. Mr. CBL himself will join the panel of judges and bring his unmatched wealth of competitive gaming experience to the table. Heís seen it all, done it all, played it all. To impress him is a feat few have achieved. To best him is a feat even fewer have accomplished.
Judge 4: [NWO] MGO
If youíve ever had fun while playing CCBM, you can thank this guy for it. His mastery of class mechanics and high standards of fun will ensure only the classiest maps get the classiest prizes.
Judge 5: Russel
The artist formerly known as Lego will provide the perfect balance of game knowledge and mapping knowledge to the judgesí panel. I respect the hell out of this man. When this contest is over, Iím sure you will too.
Here are the prizes: (click to show/hide)1) First place gets the following:
    A) $300.00 ($150.00 each for duos)
    B) MM8BDM Architect Medal
    C) Inclusion in CBL Season 5 map rotation (Pending Mobius's approval)
2) Second place gets the following:
    A) $150.00 ($75.00 each for duos)
    B) MM8BDM Runner-up Architect Medal
3) Third place gets the following:
    A) $75.00 ($37.50 each for duos)
Here are the links for getting started: (click to show/hide)CMCPXX.wad (map template):
MM8BDMPAL.gpl (for gimp palettes):
Ultimate Doom Builder (recommended map editor):
GZDoom Builder (old, but functional):
Doom Builder X:
SLADE 3 (recommended wad editor):
[TUTOR] Doombuilder and You: Mapping Essentials 20XX:
[Tutorial] MAPINFO + Custom Music:
Creating Map Creator Cards:
Mendez's mapping tutorials: (NEW SLADE TUTORIAL)
Slade 3 Wiki:
ZDoom ACS wiki:
ZDoom DECORATE reference:
ZDoom mapinfo reference:
ZDoom texture reference:
ZDoom SNDINFO reference:
ZDoom Sprite reference:
Hereís how to host your own server: (click to show/hide)1) Anyone is allowed to host a server for the contest but must meet all requirements seen below.
    A) Mendez will provide a config file to automate all of these settings for TSPG server hosting
2) Hosts must create servers with the following iwad/pk3s:
    A) iwad = megagame.wad
    B) mm8bdm-v5d.pk3
    C) ClassyMapsClassyPeople_V1.pk3
    D) classes-v9d.pk3
    E) competitivecbmpatchv2.0h.pk3
    F) competitivecbmpatchv2.0hcblp2.pk3
    G) ctfcap2d.pk3
    H) newtextcolours_265.pk3
3) Hosts must start servers with the following settings:
    A) Game Mode = TLMS or Duel
    B) Skill level = 4
    C) DMFlags = 5379715
    D) DMFlags2 = 10748932
    E) ZADMFlags = 51619
    F) CompatFlags = 131072
    G) CompatFlags2 = 0
    H) ZACompatFlags = 6561
    I) SV_MaxClients 32
    J) SV_MaxPlayers 32
    K) Winlimit 3
    L) Fraglimit 7
    M) Duellimit 1
4) Hosts must set the following server variables (they should already be included in flags from previous step):
    A) Compat_limited_airmovement False
    B) sv_keepfrags false
    C) sv_noautomap false
    D) sv_chasecam false
    E) sv_unblockallies true
    F) sv_Medals false
    G) sv_nodrop true
    H) sv_nocrouch true
    I) sv_weapondrop false
    J) sv_keepteams true
    K) sv_spawnfurthest true
    L) sv_spawnfarthest true
5) Hosts must allow voting on the server with the following settings:
    A) sv_nocallvote False
    B) sv_nochangemapvote False
    C) sv_nokickvote True
    D) sv_noforcespecvote False
    E) sv_nomapvote False 
    F) sv_notimelimitvote False
    G) sv_nopointlimitvote False
    H) sv_noduellimitvote False
    I) sv_nofraglimitvote False
    J) sv_nowinlimitvote True
6) Hosts must add these additional parameters to the server:
    A) buckshot 1
    B) lmsspectatorsettings 3
    C) YD_LMSLoadouts 0
    D) yd_weaknesssetting 0
    E) YD_DisableChargeCarry 1
    F) sv_useteamstartsindm true
    G) sv_lmscountdowntime 20

Current signups:
(click to show/hide)Sir An0n/Solo


--- Quote from: Mendez on July 31, 2020, 07:02:17 PM ---DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS SEPTEMBER 1ST AT 11:59:59 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.

--- End quote ---

What about other timezones like EST?

Sir Anon0mos:

--- Quote from: Binary_Newer on July 31, 2020, 07:40:30 PM ---What about other timezones like EST?

--- End quote ---
Surely you can do the math on that one

So everyone has to finish their map at the same time, which means the deadline for people living in EST is September 2, 2:59:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

Yeah, I'm down. Deadline's a little tight on my end, but I'll see if I can throw something together before then.


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