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I was loading up mm8bdm v6 and when I went into the singleplayer mode I lost all my progress, I had every trophy and had almost beaten every secret boss, does anyone know how to get my progress back without restarting or having to regain the trophies?

I already know about the save progress command, I just really donít want to have to complete the weapon arsenal again, so if thereís a way to get bolts from a command that would work

I've been looking for some sort of cheat to get bolts since every few months all of my progress just gets wiped and I'm forced to use the saveprogress command and get all of my trophies and the data for Plug Man's machine. Now with v6, I also have to worry about my weapon collection and the artifacts and I really don't want to have to do this every time I go on a hiatus from the game.

If you want a cheat to replenish your screws to regain the allweapons achievement, spam "Summon Hyperscrewitem" on console a bunch of times.


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