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hacking your wii

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you should do it, like, right now. best idea i've had in quite a while, to be honest.

if you feel like having emulators for vidya on your wii among other things than you just need this stuff:
a wii
an sd card
super smash bros brawl (easiest way to do it)
computer that can read sd cards

and then you go on wiibrew and find emulators and stuff it's cool

i feel like an advertisement but i did this and it was sweet so you should too unless yknow you're afraid of breaking the law or something o3o

Orange juice :l:
Hacking games like Brawl is fine but piracy is bad mmkay kids?  :ugeek:

Mr. X:
The only thing I've ever done was make 1 and a half courses for Mario Kart Wii.
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Wow, good joob on the GBA Track. It reminds me of how much I hate Mario Kart Super Circuit, some tracks were extremely annoying.
And I don't have a Wii myself but I helped my friend homebrew his Wii, to my discontent he just wanted to have a nude Samus texture on Brawl.

i didnt mean hacking brawl since i have no idea how to do that i meant more in the line of emulators. it's been so long since i've playing banjo-kazooie <3


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