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I thougth i would make a post about some games that i think need more attention that are on the computor.
NOTE: i didn't make these games.
Super Mario Crossover
Made by exploding rabbit its the complet first mario game but with other playable charecteur such as, megaman(Megaman), simon belmont(castlevania), samus(metroid) and a couple others. you play it on the web so you dont even need to downloade it. to play go to this website ... -crossover

Sonic fan remix
It may be just a trial rigth now with only three lvls i say to check it out anyway. This game is a remake of sonic 2 with 3d graphics developed by pelikan13 and Mercury.You need to download this one, you can do that here

I may add more if i find any.
 feel free to show other games you find fun on the computor.

Wow, these games are awesome. I love playing as Megaman and Simon in the world of Mario.

I agree with DTD, but I played as Contra dude instead, cos contra was a good game which later changed to Contra: hard corps, and then it sold in Asia/pacific as Probotector and epic sonic 2 remake (I still play it now and then)

Ugh, Sonic fan remix...

Game itself is nice looking, but they rrrrreally over did it with those graphics that "seeing" whats in front of you is the real challenge factor instead of the stage set up, that and it lags like hell without a good computer. Other than that, it's pretty decent.



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