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TSG's Castlevania Marathon for Chairity


I wish to inform you of an upcoming chairity marathon to be held by a group known as TheSpeedGamers. If you have not heard of this group, then allow me to explain via some copy-pasta.
(click to show/hide)TheSpeedGamers have been streaming video game marathons for over a year to raise money for various charities. In total they have raised over $235,000 dollars and played 19 marathons. They have raised over $57,000 in their week long Mario Marathon, and have made multiple news appearances.
And here is what shall take place.
(click to show/hide)The upcoming Castlevania Marathon starts October 29th at 6:00PM Central and will run for 2 days (48 Hours). We will be playing through a lot of the Castlevania games while raising money for charity.
During the marathon we will have be dressing up in costumes, holding multiple contests to win various prizes and much more. Some of the prizes are contributed by TheSpeedGamers' gracious community members.

Planned Games:

Symphony of the Night
Super Castlevania
Simon's Quest
Lament of Innocence
Harmony of Dissonance
Castlevania 64
Lords of Shadow
Portrait of Ruin
Aria of Sorrow
Harmony of Despair
Of course this wouldn't make sense in the WWW board without the obligatory link, now would it?


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