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Just returned, wanted to get up to date

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Hey, if no one reading this remembers me... I used to be a part of the community way back when the game was first released, I remembered it existed and wanted to get up to date with the game... So what's up? What's new?

Laggy Blazko:
Oh hey, I remember your name.

- Most old members have left.
- Forums are mostly dead, but Discord is active.
- Current version is v5c, which includes megaman 10 stuff.
- The most played mods seem to be CBM (Class Based Modification) and Community Hotel (which apparently is mostly to hang around instead of being competitive).

The only thing from Megaman 10 that's in the game right now is Solar Blaze...
And don't worry, new players, such as me, are entering the community! In fact, I'm planning an Impact Man skin...

NES Boy:
MM8BDM has changed a lot since the Mega Man 8 expansion.

The V1 campaign has been remade to be more cohesive with the later expansions.
A new boss battle against Bass has been added for the V2 campaign.
The training room has been expanded and given its own map.
Dr. Light's Lab now has a cutscene system.
We now have content based on Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, and Mega Man 9.
Certain maps have seen drastic changes, such as MM1FIR and MM2BUB.
Maps based on the Wily stages for MM4, MM5, and MM6 have been added, with MM4DW1 being a reskin of the old MM1FIR.
A secret, challenging boss fight against Quint is available after completing the MM9 campaign.
A basement has been added to Dr. Light's lab. There, you can find a trophy room tied to the progress of your game, as well as a machine that allows you to refight certain bosses without having to go through the main campaign (you need to clear MM9PLU in order to use it). It's also how you can access the Buss Rush now.
Upon completing the current campaign, Magic Man will appear and allow you to revisit the lab at different stages of the campaign. Even the cutscene that plays if you transferred your save file from V4 to V5 is included.
There's a television in the lab's new living room that would let you rewatch different versions of TITLEMAP.

That's all I know from the top of my head.

Laggy Blazko:
rofl I derped, I meant megaman 9. Sorry about that.


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