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Oops! All Marios (v1.1)


Hello! It's me, Mario! And I would like to thank you for choosing:

This is an addon for Class Based Modifications, it was made purely out of my desire to try this modding stuff and because I thought it would be fun(ny).

Oops! All Marios, as the title implies, adds certain classes to CBM, which all happen to be Marios, each with a different arsenal and different characteristics, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Future development is uncertain but definitely planned.

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(a rather vague) Changelog:
(click to show/hide)04/19/2021 (v1.1)

- RPG Mario:
  Melee attacks are much stronger, speed increased only during the jump attack, has more health.

- Kart Mario:
  Green Shell has less bounces but is stronger, Bananas charge faster, shoot further and are stronger.

- Damagetypes now work as intended (I will be fired for that blunder soon), so attacks with a lack of hitstun or special properties do as they should, such as RPG's timed hit, Kart's dash and Fludd's squirting, rocketing and a special dropped item.

- Herobrine:


Initial release, including:

- RPG Mario
- Kart Mario
- FLUDD Mario

(click to show/hide)Oops! All Marios v1.1 (for CBM v9fh)
Oops! All Marios v1.0 (for CBM v9fh)
(click to show/hide)Mod made by myself, Emilianomario

Special Thanks (private testing, ideas): IseTee, Mr. Porkchop, Doremy

All custom assets are made or edited by me, otherwise rips come from The Spriters Resource or my own screenshots in a few cases, such as RPG's fire and death effects.

Pr. Gibberoni:
So when's Oops! All Luigis

This project shows some of the most care and attention to detail with some pretty fun classes, I look forward to seeing more out of it and any other future projects

Good stuff

Gamecube Geek:
"thank you so much for making my game"


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