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I just realized we don't have a LoL topic. I am sad.

Yeah I play LoL. I play on EU West for my main, but go on the US server occasionally. Both usernames are cutmanmike.

I also have a bunch of youtube videos of LoL, mostly about us sucking and dying horribly.


Since this is so popular, I'll give it a try soon.

I totally don't play it at all.
I'm attempting to get better at the game. I guess I'm sort of kind of decent. I'll let you guess as to who I play as!!!11

That's cool, I found fiddle hard to play cause he dies so easily. His abilities need good timing, I could never get the fear/drain combo done without getting punished for it.

I find him much better when you've got Flash and decent masteries. I personally go with Teleport and Flash, and I build cooldown boots so I can keep on suckin'. I need to get better at last hitting though.

Oh right, the name I use on it is "King Gnomeostein" because Korby was taken. I also have an unused EU West account, but again, I don't use that very much.


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