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Mighty Number Nine: Inafune Strikes Back

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When i see how some stages of Megaman X4 was awesome, by exemple.
Awesome level design, original stuff, not always the same, awesome musics, a lot of details.

Remember before? Megaman was cool, especially Megaman X for the action style:
Megaman x4, split mushroom stage:

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I don't know if we will get something from capcom but i suppose they are the only one who have the potential to make something good, just they dont want.
Or maybe, if there is really a megaman 11, i won't be with the 8 bit poor style (even if it's fun to play for a sunday).

I wouldn't mind if they kept making 8 bit Mega Man games for classic IF they also continued stuff like the X series and didn't revert that back to 16-bit style and kept it advancing. I doubt they'd pull something like that if they made another game in the latter Mega Man (zero and ZX) style though.

So I like this game. Looks like I'm gonna be the main proponent for it since hatewagons are fun...
Lives up to the sheer hype? Not really sure if that's possible.
But I backed $20 for a Megaman/MegamanX game and that's what I got. I even got a bonus character.

So the system:
(click to show/hide)*No walljump, ledge cling, ladder jump: This makes vertical sections more resemble the classic series than the X series while also solving some key issues with classic series vertical sections (only way up was ladders and jumping on blocks. But here you got ledges, jumping up off of ladders, jumping off of hang-rings, and just jumping up platforms that allow up/down passage.) (X series vertical sections tend to be too open ended for their own good)
*No Charge Shot: Well bosses don't have invincibility frames, so you don't really need it. This is just gonna be a matter of taste, I personally like mashing fire on all types enemies.
*DASHING: So dashing isn't limited by something like "# per jump" or "you can't air dash if you dash jumped." It goes "You dash, can't dash for like 1 or 2 frames, you can dash again." SIMPLE and only requires memory of like the last second. Also getting hit while dashing resuts in more knockback, so it's more risky in terms of going fast. As for the fact it pretty much lets you glide, enemies often tend to take up air space anyway, and you can't attack while dashing. The gliding also makes Aviator's stage one of the most forgiving air stages in the genre by letting you save yourself from the bottomless pits. Gliding also takes away a lot of the waiting Brandish's moving car platforms would normally incur in games. So all in all, I like the DASHING a lot.
*Absorbing enemies: So in the X series, after killing an enemy, you should be dashing ASAP afterwards anyway. What this system does is just change the order around a bit: you "kill" an enemy, you dash through them ASAP, and the percentage tells you how quick you were. It lets you know if you're being quick or not while also feeding into the other parts of the absorption system. Main thing about the absorption system is it replaces random drops, so this game has effectively removed RNG from Megaman games. Absorption is how you fill your ETanks (which you lose on death btw) and get buffs from different enemies which just serve to make the game a bit more interesting. (In Megaman, you see a sniper joe and go "crap, shielded guy ruining my day," but here, you see a "Sniper Joe" and go "Crap, shield, but he's going to give me an attack buff, hell yeah") Also absorption gives your current weapon some ammo, I mean why not?

Overall, I'd say the system works pretty damn well for making the game quick and fun.

Bonus: Ray: Ok, so take Beck, remove his absorbing foes for temporary buffs and Etanks, replace his buster with a meh melee weapon, and add on a die-over-time system that gets undone by absorbing foes. (Do note that taking actual damage is not recoverable by absorbing foes, and that the system will not kill but leave you at one health). That sounds horrendous at first, but Ray's pro? An ATTACK DASH. It's amazing how something so simple makes her so fun and quick.

I can completely understand why folks are upset with this game, particularly those that backed it themselves. Still, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the game, with the notable exception being the voice acting for certain characters (literally just Cryosphere). I think I still prefer playing as Beck, but Ray is still a pretty neat character.

This game is the biggest disappointment I've ever seen.

From the screenshots that I saw and the insane amount of money put into it, and the fact they were basing the concept off the Megaman games which had lots of great and well executed ideas, I was certain that this would be no less than a great game!

Really I was expecting something like Megaman X8. Great visuals for the time, various things included to spice up the formula, 2.5D greatness, unique and interesting ideas for the stages, etc. We didn't get that.

Up until release I felt a bit guilty that I chose not to back the project. Now I feel happy since it turned out the be the right choice. Weird how pledging money towards a movie about an eagle statue was the superior investment.


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