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Pokemon BLACK for gameboy

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That is really creepy. Seriously.

Yet at the same time, its one of those things I really want to believe.

But if someone made this, they were demented. Seriously.

After picking out the details, I can confirm it's false.

1. Red's sprite works on one sheet, and adding another would take the memory limit to over the size of the cartridge, proving the "old man" scenario false.

2. He said you could choose the 3 starters or Ghost, but later says Ghost cannot be ignored.

3. Changing one scenario in the overworld (changing the cut tree) without it disappearing in the normal (young) game would require two seperate overworlds, doubling the memory limit.

4. Adding ghost would remove another pokemon, even if he added one that would take the memory limit over the top, remember Pokemon was pushing the limit of the Game Boy at the time.

Cool idea, but naw.


--- Quote from: "" ---And oh yes…this is a work of fiction. :D
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That Towns Music Is pure Evil. Last time I listened to it I went def in my right ear.

I always found that tune to be rather annoying as a kid. Whenever I walked through I'd just mute my Game Boy until I left town.


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