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MM8BDM Discussion / A Idea For MM8BDM V7?
« on: May 09, 2022, 01:53:50 PM »
Well Guys, Did You Have Any Ideas For MM11 Chapter Bosses in MM8BDM V7?, I Have A Idea!, How About Instead of Facing Only 1 Phase Final Boss in MM11 Chapters on MM8BDM V7, We're (Player of MM8BDM) Will Facing 3 Phases Final Bosses In MM11 Chapters, First Is Zero From Mega Man X Series in MM11 Chapters of MM8BDM V7, Then Dr. Wily As Final Boss Phase 2 & 3 With Wily Machine 11 and Wily Capsule 11, How It Will Sounds Looks Like, Isn't It A Great Idea or Not?

And Here's Zero's Boss Theme (Credits Goes To PublicCrown23 For His X Vs Zero 8-Bit Theme)

Well, I'm Sure My Favorite Fan Games Wily Capsule Is Wily Capsule From Mega Man Eternal,  :mrgreen: So What Is Your Favorite Fan Games Wily Capsule To Be The New Wily Capsule Boss Fights In Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch?

MM8BDM Discussion / Chapter 12 & 13 Storyline Dialogue
« on: August 26, 2018, 01:06:42 PM »
Chapter 12 - A New Challengers Maybe From Another Franchises/TV Shows Is Approaching! (Mega Man 10)

At Chapter 12 Boss At The End of Chapter 12

Dr. Wily: Well, Looks Like The Players Have Made It So Far.
Dr. Wily: I'm Have The New Machine!!!
Dr. Wily: That's The Host Maybe From Indonesian Shows "Fun Time" From RTV
Dr. Wily: Players, This Is, Cyra Anindya Alesha!
Dr. Wily: She Is About To Destroy You Players
Dr. Wily: Cyra!, Show Me Your Power To Destroy The Players, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Cyra: For The Sake of My Lord Ikhwan, I Cannot Lose To One Foes!!!, Prepare To Lose, Fools!!!

RockMan 5 Air Sliding Blues Stage Boss Theme Plays

Cyra: Get Ready Players, Prepare To Meet Your Doom!

When The Players Defeat My Favorite Host From Fun Time RTV

Cyra: Well Fought Players, The First Round's Wins Belongs To You.
Cyra: But I Better Have To Fall Back For Now!
Cyra: See You Later, Players

Chapter 13: The Beautiful Is Missing, it Maybe Was The Daughter of The God of War? (Mega Man V Gameboy)

At The Beginning of Chapter 13

Solar Man: Report, We Have Received The Message That The Guan Family From China Are Heading Here For Our Help!

Guan Suo: Please Help

Tornado Man: How Can We Help?

Guan Ping: Our Sister Is Gone!

Guan Xing: Yeah, We Have Your Help To Find Our Sister

Tornado Man: Your Little Sisters?, The Name?

Guan Ping: Our Little Sister is Guan Yinping, The Daughter of The God of War

Guan Ping: A Few Days Ago, Our Family Has Defeated Wei Invaders At Fan Castle

Guan Ping: And The Traitors Has Stealing Our Sisters!

Tornado Man: Your Sister Has Been Gotten By The Traitors?

Guan Ping: Yes, & She & The Traitors Are Going To The Traitor's Lab!

Tornado Man: Players, You Must Go & Find Her At Wily's Lab, Remember To Be Carefully

At The Chapter 13, Terra's Stage

Guan Suo: Let's Go, We Must Rescue Our Sisters By Defeating Terra
Guan Xing, & Guan Yu: Yeah!
Guan Ping: Wait, There's Our Strengh Are Enough To Defeat Terra?
Guan Xing: Maybe, But We Must Rescue Our Sister

At Terra Boss Fight Stages

Guan Suo: He's Too Strong, We Might Can't Beat Him
Guan Xing: So This Is Our Last Words?
Guan Ping: He Is Too Powerful Than Us, You Must Be Careful When Facing Him!
Terra: I Have Defeated All of The Fools of the Guans
Terra: If You Want To Rescue The Daughter of The Fools, You Have To Defeat Me First
Terra: Your Might Maybe Cannot Defeat Me Even The Fools of The Guans, Player
Terra: Prepare To Meet Your End, Player!!!

When Terra Is Defeated

Terra: Ugh, I Cannot See Such The Most Powerful Person Before!, Aggggggghhhhhhhhrrrrrr!!!!!!

Guan Suo: Well Done Player, You Have Defeated The Powerful Stardroids Terra

Guan Suo: C'Mon Our Little Sisters Is Waiting For Us!

At Chapter 13 Boss

???: So, You Want To Rescue Me?, But It's Too Late, I'm Side With Wily Now
???: Greetings, I'm The Daughter of The God of War, Nice To See You.
???: My Weapons Is Dual-Headed Mace
???: So Your Name Is Player
???: Well, It Is The Time To End This

Rockman 4 Minus Infinity Cossack Boss Themes Plays

???: Are You Prepared To Face The Daughter of The God of War?!

After Defeating The High Voting Characters In My First Poll In Mega Man 11

???: How Strange..., The Strength Seems To Be Leaving My Body...

Guan Ping: Yinping, Are You Okay?

Guan Xing: Sister?

Guan Suo: Little Sister?

Guan Yu: My Daughter?

???: Don't Wait Too Long, Quickly, Shoot Me, Kill Me!

Dr. Wily: Hahahaha, Finally You Have Founded The Daughter of The Fools!!!!

Guan Yinping: Huh?, Where You Did Come From?

Dr. Wily: It Seems Like Players Has Founded You, You Has Been Tricked By My Plains, Hahahahaha

Guan Suo: How Dare You Controlling Our Little Sisters Like A Robot?

Dr. Wily: So You Come From China To An Mega Man 8-Bit Land?, Aren't You, I Have Control Your Sisters Like A Little Robots!, Hahahahaha!

Guan Ping: Agggghhhhrrr, I Will Kill You For What Have You Done For Our Sisters?

Guan Xing: Get Away From Our Sister!!!

Guan Yu: or You Will Die By Our Blades!

Dr. Wily: Woooowww, You All The Fools Got Angry Because I'm Controlling All of The Sister of The Fools!

Dr. Wily: Cyra Alesha!, Get Those Fools Out of Here

Cyra: Yes Masters

Cyra: Well Finally You Have Founded Your Sisters, Now Prepared To Die With Your Sisters!

RockMan 5 Air Sliding Blues Stage Boss Theme Plays

Cyra: This Time, I Will Not Lose To You, Even With You Join Forces With The Fools of The Guans!

Bad Ending Epilogue (If You Not Successfully Defeat All of The Strategy-Commander Units)

Cyra: Ughh, Ughh

Me: Cyra, Are You Okay, Cyra, Cyra?

Cyra: It Looks Like My Time Is Over, Forgive Me My Lord, The Rest Is Up To You..., My Lord....

Me: My Lady, Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Guan Family Are Crying

Hero Paean Legend Mode Ending Plays

Me: Agggghhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!, You Will Pay For What Have You Done For My Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I Will Kill You For This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guan Suo: Don't Be Worried, We Still Alive, But Rest in Peace The Beautiful Little Girls From Indonesia.

Guan Yinping: I'm Very Very Sad Suo...

Good Ending Epilogue (If You Successfully Defeat All of The Strategy-Commander Units)

Cyra: Ugh, What Happening Here, Huh? I'm Was Controlled Too Like The Daughter of The God of War?

Dr. Wily: Hahahahaha, Yeah, I'm Controlling You Too!

Cyra: How Dare You Controlling Me Like A Little Robot!, You Will Pay For This!

Cyra: The Family of The Guans, We Must Defeat This Traitor Dr. Wily!, For The Real Sake of My Lord Ikhwan!

The Guan Family: Yeah!!!

Rockman 5 Air Sliding Final Boss Theme Plays

Dr. Wily: Get Ready Cyra!,  I Will Defeat You And The Fools of The Guans! With My New Wily Capsule!

After Defeating The New Wily Capsule

Dr. Wily: Well it's Seems Like World Domination With The Daughter of The Fools & Ikhwan's Favorite Fun Time RTV Host Has Failed Once Again, Please Forgive Me!

Cyra: I Will Not Forgive You For You Controlling Me & The Daughter of The Goods of The Guans, Let's Go Everyone, We Must Kill The Traitors Wily!

Wily UFO Comes

Dr. Wily: Well, I Must Go, We Shall Meet Me Again Soon

Cyra: Huh, He's Got Away With His UFO?, Well, We Must Go Home Now.

Engal Veetil Ella Naalum 8-Bit Cover Plays

Me: Cyra!, You're Safe, I So Worried About You!

Cyra: My Lord!!!

Me: Cyra!

Guan Suo: It's So Dramatically, We Can't Stop Crying, Right?

The Guan Family Are Happy

The Narrators: Finally, The World Has Returned To Peace, Thanks To The Players, & Cyra Who Defeating The Traitors, Dr. Wily

The Secret Boss (MM8BDM V6)

???: Huh?, It's You Player

Muthia Savira: I'm Muthia Savira, The Woman of The Minecraft Indonesian Youtubers, Nice To See You

Muthia Savira: Let's See How Your Skills Are Like This!

Mega Man Revolution Wily Castle Boss Theme Plays

Muthia Savira: See How Do You Like This!

After Defeating Muthia

Muthia Savira: Well You've Won This Battle, But....

Muthia Savira: It's Seems Like You Have Learned..., Hey!, Who Are You!

Sunstar: Hey!, Why You Didn't Won?, Huh?

Sunstar: Take This!

Muthia Savira: Agggghhhhhhhrrrrrr!

Sunstar: Well, Only You & Me Remaining

Sunstar: Your Skill Maybe Is Not Enough To Defeat Me!

Sunstar Battle Music Plays

Sunstar: I Will Avenge For My Defeat At The Official Gameboy Era Players!, You Will Pay For This!

After Defeating Sunstar

Sunstar: Wily, He's Right, I Cannot Defeat The Player, Again!.

Sunstar: Forgive Me, Master

The Player Has Achieved "The Savira's & Sunstar's Glory" Trophies (I Called It The Savira's Glory Trophy)

The End.

MM8BDM Discussion / V6 Change Log When It Was Release (My Optional)
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:24:05 AM »
Well, Please Cutstuff Release V6 When Mega Man 11 Is Released But In My Optional's Change Log


- Added The Unlock Skin Requirements Feature For Example (Cutman - Clear Cutman's Stage on 1st Place)

- When Preparing To Start The Game, Only Mega Man, Roll, And Auto Is Available From The Start, The Other Robot Master, You Have To Clear The Requirements Unlock Skins

- Added Musou Attacks/Special Finisher Attack Meters In MM8BDM On The Right of Health Bar Meters, But The Special Finisher Attacks Is From Dynasty Warriors 7 & 8


- Added Your Female Dynasty Warriors Characters on Shu Boss Fights At The End of Chapter 13 (Mega Man V GB), If The Poll You Vote Is Higher Than The Other Female Dynasty Warriors Characters One on Shu

- When Adding Female Dynasty Warriors Characters on Shu Boss Battles of Your Choose of Voting In MM8BDM, The Boss Themes You Put On Female Dynasty Warriors Characters in Shu They Have Voting Boss Fight Is Cossack Boss Themes From Minus Infinity

- Added Chapter 12 (A New Challenger Maybe From Other Franchises Is Approaching) - Mega Man 10

- Added Chapter 13 (The War Against The Characters They Voting For High Poll) - Mega Man V Gameboy

- Added Cyra Alesha & New Wily Capsule As The Version 6 Final Boss In Chapter 13

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