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Rejected / [confusion] Thunder Bolt's icon
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:41:33 AM »
this happened several times while I was streaming so I have witnesses to back me up on this

but I really don't like Thunder Bolt's new icon.

It's not the fact that I think it looks bad or weird or that I'm not used to it, it's that it looks entirely too similar to other icons. I'll often mistake it for Plug Ball, only to notice the yellow and blue on it when I'm like three inches in front of it. It doesn't even look anything like Thunder Bolt. Hell, at one point when I was on MM7CLO I thought it was Wind Storm. Apparently there are others who share this sentiment, and clarity isn't something to take lightly. Even if it was just colored more obviously or made bigger or something, please change Thunder Bolt's icon to be more obvious as to what it is.

Closed / [legitimate problem] boss music script
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:16:58 AM »
hey so the boss music script likes to keep toggling itself every single time someone gets a frag ever
if the boss music plays and you change the song to something else, if anyone gets a frag it changes back to the boss music

it's very rude

please fix it

Closed / [fix?] Plug Ball is unnaturally loud
« on: July 31, 2016, 07:05:05 PM »
Plug Ball, compared to every other weapon in the game, is really really loud. Hornet Chaser is also a bit noisy (even with just one bee) but Plug Ball is just ridiculously loud. Tone it down for v5b, please.

Closed / [bug] Punk is a punk - secret bosses halt chapter completion
« on: July 30, 2016, 02:51:43 AM »
Losing to a "bonus boss" (e.g. a Mega Man Killer) and then progressing through the chapter will have you face that bonus boss again at the end, instead of the normally-scheduled boss. It's probably something to do with the Killer flag not being properly toggled or something; winning against a bonus boss and then progressing will have you face the chapter boss, as normal. It happened to me in MM4 with Punk, and I went back and tested it with Ballade. I mentioned this in my stream but just in case (and as was suggested) I'm also reporting it here.

Unrelated note: can Punk's fight suck less in v5b? <!-- s:ugeek: -->:ugeek:<!-- s:ugeek: -->

Events / [strem] V5 IS UPON US
« on: July 29, 2016, 04:01:36 PM »

sorry for making a new thread but honestly the old one makes me sad
I'll clean this up later when I have more time, don't mind the mess

strem -

Forum Games Archive / CUTSTUFF MAFIA TOURNAMENT (Zytix wins)
« on: March 29, 2016, 05:24:03 PM »
so some pretty dank memes from years ago are coming back for revenge
Messatsu revived 8-Bit Death Smash out of literally nowhere
then CSCM reared its three heads up from the grave
now Rage Roboenza is updated and somewhat popular again
there's only one meme left
C U T S T U F F   M A F I A   T O U R N A M E N T
in case you forgot how to play a mafia
Each turn is split into two halves, the day phase and the night phase. The day phase usually lasts longer than the night phase because not everyone can act during a night phase, but this isn't always true. In past Cutstuff games, a phase is usually either 24 or 48 hours.
TOWNIES are just regular dudes. They only know their own role and nobody else. Their goal is to survive by finding out who the MAFIA players are, and then kicking them in the shins. You kick MAFIA players in the shins by voting them off during the day phase.
The MAFIA is the league of bad dudes. If you are a MAFIA player, you will know who the other MAFIA players are. Their goal is to take over and kill enough non-MAFIA players so that the MAFIA outnumbers everyone else. Try to blend in with the TOWNIES and protect your MAFIA friends.
During the day phase, everyone can post in the thread and vote against other players. Usually. Some abilities are also used during the day phase. During the night phase, the MAFIA goes to town and kills a man. Tragic. Some abilities can only be used during the night phase, so if you're not MAFIA you might still be useful. Motivation.
alright cool you know how to play the game
signups go down here yo
    Magnet Dood
    Ceridran (Ditto) (Knocked Out)
    Alice (Poochyena) (Knocked Out)
    The Roz (Lilligant) (Knocked Out)
    Myroc (Golurk) (Knocked Out)
    Beed28 (Altaria) (Knocked Out)
    Maxine (Lopunny) Knocked Out)
    Galactan (Rotom) (Knocked Out)
    Gizmo the Cat
    Knux (Togekiss) (Knocked Out)
    the legendary Super Raveman
    Hilbert Mann (Duskull) (Knocked Out)
    King Dumb (Vespiquen) (Knocked Out)
    Korby (Gallade) (Knocked Out)
    Korby (again) (Knocked Out)
    Cold Fusion (bark) (Knocked Out)

Mafia Losers Remaining: 5
Piņata Status: claimed
Second Party Horse: claimed
Bees: remastered

« on: December 25, 2015, 04:44:12 PM »
I have a bunch of cool games
it's the season for gift-giving
let's have a raffle

just post here with your Steam name, and list the prizes in order of preference
(the thing you want most first, the thing you want the least last, etc.)

    Guns of Icarus Online (has nothing to do with Kid Icarus)
    ShootMania: Storm (I need people to play this with)
    Shantae: Risky's Revenge (thanks Juicy)
    The Ship (for the two of you who don't have it yet)
    Winamp Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth (thanks Rui)
    and the cool guy prize, Assault Android Cactus (robots can be sexy too okay)

I'll probably raffle things off tomorrow or something

Forum Games Archive / Protectors of Robot Kingdom (Chapter 0)
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:43:12 AM »
Chapter 0: Arena Masters
Party: Gunstar, Anchor, Bowflex, Needle, Gravot, Shark, Death

~ Inventory ~
(click to show/hide)
~ Status at a Glance ~
(click to show/hide)
~ Character Sheets ~
~ Sheet Information Post ~
~ Start of Most Recent Chapter ~

Forum Games Archive / Protectors of Robot Kingdom [registration thread]
« on: August 23, 2015, 09:07:21 PM »
The year is 20XX, in the middle of a robotic renaissance. Staggering advances in artificial intelligence and bionic augmentation have led to the development and widespread distribution of a new wave of cutting-edge androids. Known collectively as the Mechanized Masters, these chrome champions lead miniature armies of lesser drones in a variety of tasks, from agriculture to construction to national defense. The men responsible for this revolution? None other than the foremost leader of humanoid robotics, Dr. Thomas Light, and the forefather of the Variable Commands Grid, Dr. Albert Strider.

To keep both humans and robots distracted and entertained, a new sport has emerged alongside the new era. Broadcast around the world, hundreds of thousands of eager viewers tune in each week for another exciting installment of Arena Masters. Whether as a career or simply for sport, Mechanized Masters equip themselves with weapons and armor, then duke it out for their claim to fame.

With aggression kept to a minimum thanks to the Arena Masters program, it seems the world is at a peaceful standstill, humans and robots working in harmony towards a better future for all. Or so it would seem...

This is Protectors of Robot Kingdom, a post-by-post RPG featuring game mechanics from Heroes and Morons. It's basically a tech demo. Cool.

But what is it, anyway? Essentially, PoRK is set in a Mega-Man-esque alternate universe, with augmented humans alongside straight-up robots. The game flow is similar to Cutstuff Adventure 2, in that players alternate between exploration or role-playing scenes and turn-based battle scenes. There are a few... differences between CSA2 and PoRK as far as gameplay is concerned, but that's not really super important right now. Just know that the game is more focused around combining different attacks together, and editing your character's loadout to perform better in battle.

The main mechanic of the game is the spending and budgeting of Combat Energy, or CE. Every ability in the game, except for consumable items, costs CE. Fighters automatically regenerate CE between turns, keeping a steady flow of energy; however, spending all your CE in one turn will leave you mostly dried up for later turns. Deciding whether to hold back or to unleash your entire arsenal is one of the game's biggest points.

Fighters can be one of six elemental types (Fire, Aqua, Bolt, Wood, Tera, or Void), although not all fighters are aligned with an element. In addition, attacks may have one of four physical classifications (Slash, Break, Scope, or Throw) based on its properties. Certain fighters take extra weakness damage from certain types of attacks; while the party can take advantage of weak points, keep in mind that enemies may do so as well.

Finally, the party will contain three "active" fighters at any given moment, with an optional fourth fighter as "support". The support character can't be targeted directly by the enemy party, though they can still attack or use items (albeit at limited capability). Due to the focus on smaller, faster battles, I'm anticipating a maximum player count of 8. I feel that the lower head count will help with balancing the game, as well as ensuring that every character is distinct in playstyle and abilities.

Now for the fun part.

For this game, there is no list of predetermined characters or job classes or anything. Instead, you will be submitting two characters (a desired main, and a runner-up option) based on Robot Masters from the classic series. Keep in mind that they don't have to literally be those Robot Masters; actually, I'd prefer if you used a bit of imagination. Due to the nature of the game, you're free to interpret and re-imagine your choices in any way you so desire. Think of it kind of like Battle Network's NetNavi designs compared to their classic series counterparts... except that in PoRK they're still robots. And not really computer programs. ... You get the idea.

[Character Name] (The name for your character! Don't just call him Wave Man or whatever.)
Based On: (Who your character is based on. This is where you'd put "Wave Man" or whatever.)
Battle Style: (This could either be the type of attacks your character uses, like daggers or wrestling, or it could be how they play in-game, such as heavy offense or inflicting status ailments.)
Appearance: (Optional, though if you don't put one then I'll probably make one up for you. Y'know, role-playing and all that.)
Personality: (Also optional. Just give me an idea of how the character thinks or acts.)

Just in case you don't get the idea, here are a few examples:
(click to show/hide)

Of course, there are a few rules, but don't let that get in the way of having a good time. They're mainly there to preserve my sanity.

    Go nuts! ... Just not too nuts.
    While it's fine to do something unconventional or flat-out strange, please don't ask for a character that has a move that changes his stats and also completely changes all of his other moves. Having moves change properties or elements or something is fine, I already have a design around that gimmick, but totally flipping the entire game on its head is a big no. If you're not sure, it's best to remain on the reasonable side of things.
    Don't get super specific with moves.
    I cannot stress this enough. Because I'm handling all of the movesets and everything, please don't come to me saying "Sword Paladin needs to have a Justice Slash attack that has a high burn chance". It's fine asking for Sword Paladin to have a move called Justice Slash, or to have a sword attack that's Fire element, but keep requests low and keep them simplistic.
    You can't choose Mega Man, Bass, or Roll.
    I'm pretty lax when it comes to characters. I'm fine with concepts inspired by Stardroids, or Rockman & Forte 2 RMs, or even those constellation weirdos from that one Mega Man strategy game. However, I do have a couple pre-existing characters on hand (mainly for story reasons), and because of that, I can't have two copies of what is essentially the same base character. Sorry guys.
    Have some level of commitment.
    This should go without saying, but (despite being a shameless tech demo) PoRK will hopefully last a little while. Don't sign up if you're not in for the long haul! Also, I'm hoping to update the game at least once a day, so for that reason the autocommand time limit is 24 hours. If you can't at least glance at the thread and make a quick post every now and then, don't sign up. Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue for anyone.
    Don't get salty.
    Signups are in the style of Cutstuff Adventure 2, where a bunch of dudes show up and then I hand-pick players for the final party. I'll be prioritizing players based on their concepts, availability, and party balance (won't do much good to have four physical tanks in an 8-man squad). There will also be slight priority given to players not currently enrolled in CSA2, though this doesn't mean you can't get in if you're in CSA2. Generally speaking though, if you don't get in, don't take it personally. I probably didn't mean it.
    Most importantly, have fun!
    Even if you don't get in, I might end up using your concept anyway as an NPC character somewhere in the game. The whole point of the game is to have fun, so come in with a good attitude and I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

Cool? Cool. Let's get this PoRK on the grill already.

Registered Players (green indicates the final roster):
(click to show/hide)

Anything Goes / Nido Force
« on: August 23, 2015, 05:55:37 AM »

Nido Force is an action platformer created for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015, an annual competition which tasks its teams to stamp out a game in the span of a single month. It runs with GLOOME, a port of GZDoom built specifically for indie-dev-related endeavors. It's pretty neat.

(click to show/hide)

Nido Nakano, wandering hero, ventures across six stages with three power-ups to investigate why parts of her world are suddenly floating through the air. Along the way, she'll encounter a mysterious character wanting nothing more than to stop her quest right then and there. Nido needs all the help she can get, and she'll get it by switching to new abilities and collecting Force Fragments scattered across each level. She'll also need a somewhat modern computer; unfortunately, due to an oversight during compiling GLOOME, Nido Force only runs properly on 64-bit operating systems. You can grab a 32-bit version here, though.

... I'm honestly not sure what else to say at this point. Terminus probably did a better job anyway.

Well, we all had fun making it, and (if you haven't been under a rock for the past couple weeks) you all seemed to have at least a little bit of fun playing it, so uh... yeah! Of course, comments and criticism is welcome, provided it's constructive (or at least funny). We're aware of a few minor glitches in the IGMC release, which are being fixed... or already have been fixed. Those changes, along with a couple new stages and some general quality-of-life improvements, will see daylight in the form of Nido Force DX... eventually. Trust me on this one.

Thanks for playing.
And what a great way to spend post #5000, too.

« on: December 21, 2014, 10:24:43 PM »
Hey there all you Mega Man fans! Are you ready for the next hot and exciting community event!?

That's right, it's not dead! Finish That Map survived the explosion and came back for revenge!
(Download the map fragments here!)

Quote from: "Ivory"
What does this mean? For this mapping competition I provide everyone a wad containing the above layout pieces. Your goal is to finish the map while making use of the provided sections. Of course, the sections have to be on the map or your entry is null. It will be interesting to see different takes on the same pieces of level. This level has no default music, no textures whatsoever or anything other than the layout itself.

wait what the heck you never even explained this to me
    Maps should be designed for both Deathmatch and Last Man Standing. Weapon and item placement is important, but at the same time you should avoid noticeable buster walls and hiding spots.
    Custom music is (of course) allowed, encouraged even, but will not be included with judging.
    Custom textures are legal, but again, will not be taken into consideration as far as judging goes.
    Same goes for custom props (both stage decoration and "action props" like platforms).
    No custom weapons or items. Don't worry, it breaks my heart, too.
    Help is allowed, though for medal-related purposes a primary mapper needs to be indicated.

so what's allowed and what's illegal in 47 countries
    You can build onto the map however you wish. The map would be pretty lame if you didn't add things to it.
    You can position the three map fragments provided in whatever way you please. Slide 'em around, rotate some, even have pieces slightly overlap like that weirdo standing by the snack bar who just spends all his time stacking cheese cubes into little cheese towers. Ech, that guy creeps me out.
    Speaking of which, you're also allowed to alter the dimensions of each piece. Stretch walls, make certain platforms wider, make certain other platforms skinnier, raise and lower elevations. As long as each piece still resembles its original form, it's fair game.
    Feel free to decorate the map pieces! Add pathways, props, little indents in the floor. You can also add 3D Floor areas above (or below!) each fragment, but again, it has to resemble its original form in some way.
    You can't delete stage architecture already provided by the fragments. You also can't exclude any fragment from the finished map's playable area; everything has to be connected and accessible during normal gameplay.
    No, you cannot remove those null pillars. Work around them or something.

alright now tell me how I'm supposed to win
    When your map is finished, slap that pie in the oven and send it to Dr. Freeman via Cutmail. Be sure to prefix your letter with [FTM 2] so we can keep everything sorted out!
    Once the deadline passes, two servers will be thrown up for playtesting: one for Deathmatch, and one for Stock LMS. Everyone then votes on their favorite maps by sending a PM to King Dumb. (More details on voting will be given at a later date.)
    In addition to the community votes, there is also a panel of judges who will be giving their own input on each stage. Neither myself or Dr. Freeman are judges. We're both running the show, but we also want to enter ourselves, have a bit of fun with it.
    Winners are determined by being the most popular among the community, snagging the high score amongst the judging panel, and dominating the competition with the highest combined score among the judges and the community.

Impress everyone! Make CutmanMike cry! Score the highest overall to win Cutstuff Architect!
Not the absolute best, but still way better than the rest! Win in either community votes or judge votes and snag Architect Runner-Up!

Well? What are you waiting for? Download those map fragments and slap together some fancy geometry or something!

    Dr. Freeman
    Cold Noodles
    Thunder Electros
    Magnet Dood
    Jack Corvus
    Duora Super Gyro
    Book of Dobson

Forum Games Archive / [terrible] SKYPE FLASH MAFIA WHOOOOAAAAAA
« on: September 20, 2014, 10:30:42 PM »
an adventure in romance, deception, and custom special moves

hey who remembers this post about a month ago
well now it's time for the most unexpected thing in the history of bad ideas

so you get a role at random, then everyone is added to a Skype group chat where you can talk and such
phases will last roughly 10 minutes, or end early when all players have taken actions
abilities are triggered with 1-on-1 Skype PMs, similar methods are used for mafia team night kills
suggested player pool: 10 minimum, 16 maximum
estimated game time: 1 to 2 hours (3 hours at the absolute worst)

after the game concludes I'll post a summarized log of each turn on this thread
then this thing will get locked up and hopefully forgotten about for at least two months
if anyone wants to volunteer to co-run the game in case I get sucked into the AFK zone, go for it
also if for some reason this thread is super bad, mods have permission to lock it without warning

Skype Name:
Time Zone:

    Myroc (5PM only)
    Super Raveman



Events / The Brothers Mapping Jam [MERGE]
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:13:57 PM »
Hey there all you Mega Man fans! Do you want to know the only thing better than a collaborative mapper's jam? TWO collaborative mapper's jams!

GET 8bdm_jampack-v2a HERE
Includes maps from the original Jam, the new PBJ: Jam 3, and a bonus map.

- 28 maps and a fuckton of music
- created for the community, by the community

Check the readme for more information. Thanks for playing, everyone!

old first post here
(click to show/hide)

Llama here, just making a few edits to the front post to help account for the new merge.

hi let's get to work

~Guild Quest~
An Experimental Fantasy RP
aka "some thing from some guy that will eventually die out some day"
hnnnnnggg why can't I make the font size 250 ;_;

As an aside, I like how Freeman's handling his Cutstuff Adventure RPG by saying "things will probably not be optimal at first so I reserve the right to balance while we play". He's basically been tweaking damage values and such as the game moves on. Note that because a lot of the older content planned out is around two or three years old and because I've also been making new content and revising things over the last two months or so, something somewhere is going to be broken and need fixing. Also there's the fact that the totally original do-not-steal damage formula hasn't been properly tested yet. So there's that.

Also there's going to be lots of Skype quotes. LIKE THIS ONE RIGHT HERE
[1:48:28 AM] SmashMan.EXE: I'm literally taking these old files from forever ago, reading things, going "this is cool this sucks this sucks this is awesome" and rewriting them
[1:48:28 AM] SmashMan.EXE: and also adding in other things because some people are dorks who play non-humans
[1:49:01 AM] SmashMan.EXE: like Freeman and Cutstuff Adventure sorta... except with more stuff :/
[1:49:14 AM] SmashMan.EXE: welcome to Smash Is Bad
Probably the most asked question I've gotten (people on Skype, mainly) is "Smash, how the dongs are things going to work this time? Don't you ever plan things before you announce them?" Yeah, I'm sort of running things from a stone tablet, and yeah I'm sort of pulling material out of my ass when I realize I missed something, but for the most part I have a really really good idea of what I'm aiming for. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because I thought it would be fun to just say "fuck it let's go" and share my ideas and things with cool people I sort of know, and have fun doing it. Part of the reason is also because as imaginative as I can be, I'm nowhere near perfect, so there might be some really neat ideas that show up and I could be like "wow I would have never thought of that" and then it can just get slapped into place like a shiny new part to the Guild Quest machine. Also part of the reason is because it'll HELP ME GET BACK TO FUCKING WRITING

Quote from: "Lego"
I have generally found to enjoy the writing style that Smash tends to have. It tends to hold a large array of continuity which helps add to the ever expanding universe that seems to always exist. Connections made with other locations he created merges all of his new realities with his old ones which helps build his imaginary realm into a larger universe.
So basically you generous folks are going to run around in the world of my creation and do things in it. Cool. Like in most RPGs, characters can run around on the overworld and do things like talk up the townsfolk, buy items, eat some food, maybe take a nap. Sometimes characters get shoved into battle which is pretty standard as well. Select your abilities, take turns beating the snot out of each other until the other dudes die and you totally don't die, get some Experience, maybe get some neat swag, and move on with whatever it was you were doing. Actually, I'm a filthy liar; the battle system is actually pretty different than the cookie-cutter JRPG norm, but I'll go into depth in a later post.

[1:06:35 AM] Captain Rugal Bernstein of the Sky Noah: what the heck is a guild quest
[1:06:43 AM] Captain Rugal Bernstein of the Sky Noah: I've slightly heard of it from your ramblings
[1:07:11 AM] ToadeyPlusB: hi I'm typing up a front page for the inevitable thread
[1:08:16 AM] ToadeyPlusB: basically Guild Quest is my go-to original world for fun things with cool people, the sort of "pride and joy" of my works (co-founded by Shina woo)
[1:08:40 AM] ToadeyPlusB: we actually attempted an RP of it before somewhere else, but two of the main players dropped out for reasons and everyone else didn't fricken post aaaaaaaaaaa
[1:08:56 AM] ToadeyPlusB: basically this is "what happens when you punch a forum game with storyline"
[1:09:06 AM] ToadeyPlusB: or, more accurately, "what happens when you punch an RP with game mechanics"
[1:10:22 AM] ToadeyPlusB: Guild Quest is your tried-and-true fantasy JRPG-style adventure featuring quests given to you by The Guild (gasp), led by the two Guild Masters Jasper and Vilrich
[1:10:51 AM] ToadeyPlusB: except supercharged with unexpected dungeon mechanics, crazy characters, unconventional character classes, and Vilrich
[1:11:06 AM] ToadeyPlusB: I wish I could explain Vilrich better but... yeah, he's just sort of "Vilrich"
[1:11:13 AM] ToadeyPlusB: you have to experience Vilrich in order to understand Vilrich
Guild Quest has its set of rules to follow and a lore to abide by, but for the most part it's surprisingly flexible and we could set up a bunch of different adventures, silly or epic or involving mildly irritable flutist lizardfolk. The same could be said about character creation. Basically I didn't like how many systems basically made you think about your final character at the start of the game, due to the way they handled stat bonuses and penalties for classes or races. With Guild Quest, the goal was to encompass several clearly defined class archetypes, but give players some freedom in creating and levelling their character. Instead of a bunch of classes with specific prestige levels or a small pool of sharply contrasting roles, there are five beginner classes that branch off into sixteen champion classes, with many second-level class choices being shared by more than one beginner class. Instead of races or character types that have detailed and specific benefits, there are four general body types that characters can be classified as, with each body type having its own traits to separate different characters, but still being broad enough to encourage creativity for the character without sacrificing backstory or playstyle.

[2:42:42 AM] SmashMan.EXE: I think I managed to fit everything ever into four body types
[2:42:44 AM] SmashMan.EXE: gj me
[2:43:02 AM] Korby: i enjoy that the "races" are just body types
[2:43:16 AM] SmashMan.EXE: well they sort of are
[2:43:20 AM] Korby: it's a unique mechanic and doesn't make me stressed out over what i want to be when i grow up
[2:43:45 AM] SmashMan.EXE: bodies have some slight stat shenanners to make you feel special
[2:43:59 AM] SmashMan.EXE: or if you're a Spirit have fun playing Battle Network lol
[2:44:36 AM] SmashMan.EXE: because personally I think that's stupid
[2:44:53 AM] SmashMan.EXE: unless you're a Spirit in which case how's that damage multiplier taste lol
If it feels like I'm being vague as hell, it's sort of because that's on purpose. Cold Fusion and Korby already know what I'm plotting, but I'm intentionally leaving out specifics for two reasons. First off, I'll probably end up forgetting something vital anyway and someone's going to ask me a question that I totally failed to answer and I'll look like a total noob. Second off, I'm partially testing my defined grid of classes, weapons, and body types. I mentioned this earlier in the Spamthread G.O.D. thread, but I'm curious to see if I've managed to adequately covered all the bases of RPG character conventions, even with a system as free-form and loosely defined as the one currently fueling Guild Quest. I really don't think I left anything out but I can't be too sure just yet!

[1:49:48 AM] Korby: do you specifically have to specialize in a weapon if you pick a class
[1:50:08 AM] Korby: like will i lose my wizardy powers if i'm not flailing a stick or book
[1:52:41 AM] SmashMan.EXE: what do you mean
[1:55:25 AM] Korby: do i have to use a staff/tome if i pick a wizard or could i be different and equip, as an example, an axe
[1:55:30 AM] Korby: same goes for everyone, really
[1:58:10 AM] SmashMan.EXE: class weapons just means you're better at using those types of weapons
[1:58:46 AM] SmashMan.EXE: specifically, you can use higher-tier weapons of that class
[1:59:07 AM] SmashMan.EXE: if your class is really bad at a certain weapon type, you might get attack penalties
[1:59:16 AM] SmashMan.EXE: but yeah you can totally put an axe on a wizzrobe
[1:59:21 AM] Korby: neat
[1:59:34 AM] Korby: i totally have an idea for what i want to go for then
That's pretty much it for introductions. Go ahead and comment about... well, anything, really. Or don't, it might be a while before posts decide to roll in. If I go over a core gameplay mechanic (like the battle system!) in a future update, I'll go ahead and link to it in this space down here.

Thanks for reading, and here's hoping for a successful RP for once.

Also, as a closing note: MODS I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THE HELL TO PUT THIS so please don't get mad at me if I did it wrong

General Gaming Discussion / the obligatory Super Mario Bros. X thread
« on: December 31, 2013, 03:01:36 AM »
so Gumball brought this up I think and then we started geeking out
and then "why doesn't this have a thread" was asked at some point

In case you haven't heard of it yet, Super Mario Bros. X is a Mario fangame created by Andrew "Redigit" Sprinks, though some of you may better know him as Demilogic. Created entirely in Visual Basic, SMBX is an extremely faithful recreation of the classic Mario engine, sporting accurate water behavior, unique powerups, pinpoint jumping and sliding physics, and many other special features. Probably the biggest draw is the all-inclusive level editor system, which allows the creation of a complete game with a world map and levels from start to finish. These packages are called "episodes" in SMBX, and the included episode The Invasion 2 offers something to play right from the start. Two other episodes used to be included with SMBX but for some reason are absent from the final v1.3 package. Those episodes, The Princess Cliche and The Great Castle Offensive, can be downloaded here. You can't get SMBX itself here, though; use the above link instead.

I know there are a few of you who have heard of SMBX before, so feel free to talk about things I suppose. Really, the main reason this thread exists is because Gumball and I thought it would be fun to make a community episode for SMBX and to see if there's any other interest, but whatever. Watch as this thread inevitably fades into obscurity within the week.

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