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Help & Editing / compiler being difficult
« on: August 02, 2016, 04:16:08 PM »
Have been trying to find out how to do this on my own but I can't seem to make heads or tails out of any of it but, I was trying to update a mod I was working on that uses custom colors and decided to use the copy pasta method directly copying the WEPACS file from the core and started getting this error

Line 10 in file "SLADE8bdmlib.acs" ...
SLADE8bdmlib.acs:10: #library must come before anything else.

every time. I extracted 8bdm.acs in the same directory as my .acc as the file said

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Old topics made by retired users
« on: March 13, 2014, 01:53:42 AM »
Theres been a problem with new members necro bumping from time to time threds made by users that have long scince left the community. A suggestion Ive thought of is to lock all the old threads made by people who have left that arenot actively used. Though those users can always return and ask for it to be unlocked. Hopefully this solution could cut back on necrobumping

W.I.P Forum / Starfox Dogfight
« on: February 25, 2014, 03:41:39 PM »
Guess what's getting rebooted? 8D
Im restarting this project and fixing it to work sortof like command with differend stats and weapons for each fighter
Screenshots are the same atm from the original thread, but now Im handling the skins differently. The skins will all be models BUT Im also making a special screenshot room to take shots of the different angles to make spriting them more easy for software purposes. You can also chip in if you want with modeling. Theres a free 3D program that I use called blender 3D that exports them to the quake format. Only rule is that the faces all be triangles and that the faces all be broken apart to individual peices to  avoid faces being deleted. Also as I said before the ships are all in simple snes format though you could make existing later models.
So far Ive made an arwing and the cornerian fighter.  one uses single shots with a charge while the C.fighter uses twin shots with no charge. This should be a pretty easy project too due to modeling and open flying environments

General Gaming Discussion / videogame oddities
« on: December 06, 2013, 12:44:17 PM »
Have you ever had one of those moments like the game is posessed or something is just outright wierd? Post about it here.

For me, Ive been playing mariokart wii for a while always using koopa troopa, but for some reason there is 1 special character that always had my attention, Dry bones. At first I just seen him as a friggin adorable undead koopa that I couldent bring myself to attack, but oddly enough, he sortof developed into my racer x. He never makes any effort to attack me and actually goes as far as taking hits from shells for me and on one occasion actually stopped a incoming red shell with a green one, but he normally comes in last, though thats normally due to the small characters rivals always being heavy ones, but recently, drybones actually started racing seriously more often still refraining from attacking me with me doing the same usually resulting in very close races resulting in us having 1st and 2nd place and resulting in us having an actual friendly rivalry. Do you guys think its possible for an NPC to have some kind of relationship with the player?

Oddly a true story, and not some kind of attempt at some creepypasta

W.I.P Forum / mario 8 bit deathmatch
« on: November 03, 2013, 08:37:35 PM »
I've decided a while ago to reboot ssw's idea and made a mod that revolves around the mario games. Scince I have a ton of free time, I can do most of the work myself but I still need some help with things

Smw koopa troopa : done
Mario: need permition, otherwise I need to make one
Goomba: in progress
Bowser: need permition
Birdo: need permition
Shyguy: not started
Toad: not started
Peach: need permition
Hammer bro: not started
Yoshi: need permition
Sledgebro: not started
More to come

Fire flower: done
Raddish weapons: done
Frog suit: done
Raccoon tail: not started
Tanooki suit: not started
Hammer suit: in progress
Magic cape: not started
Ice flower: done
Penguin suit: in progress
More to come

World 1-1: demo made but not deathmatch worthy
World 1-2: not started ( unless mr.x wants to donate his)
World 2-2: made a test map but not sure how to make the layout
Bowsers castle: not started
Subcon: not started
More smb2 maps planned
Smb 3 maps not started

I  will do all the sound and music ripping myself and the huds
As for the skins, if youa want to make a skin from a later game, try to make it in the smb3 style

Mega Man Discussion / Fanmade Reploids
« on: August 24, 2012, 02:44:23 AM »
Similar to the fanmade robot masters thread, but instead you post reploids, maverik or not

You may of seen me derpin around under the alias as this guy
(click to show/hide)

Bubble Frog

"Eh heh, I'm guessing I should run now"
Good point: Good swimmer
Bad point: coward
Likes: singing
Hates: needles

weakness: any sharp object you can find

He's somewhat cowardly and rather incompetent, so bad that sigma didn't even bother to use him in his army

His only attacks are a bubble shot and a tongue whip and he has a huge fear of sharp objects due to an incident with a small child popping his throat sac

too lazy to color it so here's the colors in text form
feet, top of head, and chest parts are green, shins, wrists, and shoulders are tan, tank on his back and the crystals on his cheeks are red, and the hands, and the rest of him are white
If I had a dollar for every time someone one second life said he looked like Slippy from starfox I'd be rich

W.I.P Forum / Cutstuffmon
« on: August 17, 2012, 04:19:50 AM »
Welp, the idea's been toyed with multiple times, and I did start on something like this, so I just said screw it and go the whole mile.

Cutstuff pokemon classes, basicly you can choose any pokemon to reprisent you and choose 4 attacks, the gameplay will be somewhat based on he Mystery Dungeon series.
This is sort of like CSCC, so if you don't expect to do any work, don't expect the class to be added. At least put something towards it (skin, attack sprites, hud sprites)

Here's the class template
Username : Pokemon
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Attack 3:
Attack 4:

Stuff like abilities (Drought, insomnia, Speed boost) won't be added, as for items, they will replace weapons

so far, only 1 class is done

(click to show/hide)

The class's stats will be based on the pokemon's stats (abra, high speed, high damage paper defense). Also the classes will be slightly adjusted due to competative balance (Ratatta vs gyarados)

(typing this late at night so I'm too lazy to spruce up this post untill tommorow)

Anything Goes / Cutstuff Shorts
« on: August 10, 2012, 03:32:54 AM »
You know what this community needs? A cutstuff community sprite comic thread

I gotten the idea when I remembered this old spritecomic website I used to go to all the time

Post random sprite comics be it based on a online experience, something in RL, or just something out of your imagination, go nuts

W.I.P Forum / CSCRM pack (demo Release)
« on: March 19, 2012, 12:21:12 AM »
Don't worry the RM pack is almost done for original stage mode (and I have to build up the motivation to start mapping again)

Basicly, send in custom sprites for the RM or specify what sprites will be used as a place holder, be it from CSCC or something else and post what there attack pattern would be. If you want, you can also send in a boss room for that RM.

Only real rule for now is the robot has to represent you. And to follow this


attack type:



Movement pattern:

weapon dropped:

Current list
(click to show/hide)

Demo ... furl=d1url

Mega Man Discussion / 4 Ways For Mega Man to Make A Mega-Comeback
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:32:48 PM » ... -comeback/

Looks like mm8bdm is starting to gain some notice

MM8BDM Discussion / how often do you play mm8bdm?
« on: December 01, 2011, 05:27:28 PM »
I've been wondering this for the longest time now that noone seems to even bother to play anymore. How often do some of you go online and why?

I'd play everyday but there is never anyone online, I camp in a empty server for an hour, noone comes.

MM8BDM Discussion / Public oppinion poll
« on: November 23, 2011, 09:52:15 PM »
There are plenty of servers but they are normally empty, now, all that is seen played is bot Apocalypse, classes TLMS, and rage roboenza. I would like to ask the community, what game mode(s) would they like to see hosted more often?

Also please tell me if I'm missing any

*'s = if more work was put into it

DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Ice's micromods (Camera guy)
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:55:10 PM »
My little shop of stage props, monsters, and whatnot

Useing all of my monster scripting knowlage, mike's bot codes, and the wiki, I created the best monster ever

Ever made a monster that fell into a pit but can't get back up? Tried giving him maxstepheight 64 but still gets stuck in under water stages, well all your troubles are over, Ive created a monster that jumps, shoots, reacts similarly like a bot player (although monsters can't die in death pits) I bring you, JumpinshootMan (aka super monster/copy robot), unlike bots, they don't only target human players and bots, they also attack other monsters

(click to show/hide)

Type summon copyrobot to test him out and feel free to use it's code in what ever project you want ... otman.html

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / non megaman related mods subtopic
« on: November 08, 2011, 01:43:19 AM »
basicly this is suggestion for making a subtopic for making mods for mm8bdm that has nothing to do with megaman at all, this may seem like a waste of time but, say I wanted to make pokemon or zelda classes for mm8bdm, but it seems way out of place to be put in the mm8bdm editing forums, but in the non megaman forums, there's no limit to how far you can stray from megaman and not seem out of place.

What do you guys think about this?

W.I.P Forum / Megaman Invasion MM1
« on: October 04, 2011, 01:44:05 AM »
Welp, a while ago when this whole invasion stuff started I had a idea to make invasion maps for all the MM1 RMs but I was a terrible mapper (still is), so I instead decided to make monsters and that's how the whole mm1 original stage mode project started, but now all of the invasion projects are dead sadly  :(  So as a last ditch effort to bring back invasion, I'm going to try it my way

progress so far

cutman: Done
gutsman: Done
bombman: Done
fireman: Done
Iceman: Done
elecman: Done
Yellow Devil: Not started
Copy Robot: Done
Wily: not started

Bigeye: Done
Mets: Done
Picketmen: Done
Bunbi heli: sprited but having issues with it
Beaks: not started
Adhering suzy: not started
Watcher: not started
flea: not started
Blader (gabyoall): not started
screwbomber: Done
Peng: Done
Killer bullet: Done
Sniper Joe: Done
Crazy Razy: not started

cutman: not started
gutsman: not started
bombman: not started
fireman: not started
Iceman: not started
elecman: not started
Wily1: not started (boss yellow devil)
Wily2: not started (Copy Robot)
Wily4: not started (RM rematch then Wily)

Any and all help is welcome

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