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Title: [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
Post by: Gummywormz on January 28, 2019, 11:26:56 PM
Github Repository (

Ice Cream Quest is a co-op / single player megawad. It is a spiritual successor to 2ndcoop, but is not constrained by satire / memes / jokes. The goal is to have (decent) quality level design while focusing on a more traditional co-op experience rather than anything too advanced like MMSP or Obstacle Course.

I hope to have a somewhat open development process where when things are done (or mostly done), they will be uploaded so people can experience it or give feedback. Currently, all the level themes and music are planned out. Level design is still ongoing. I will again be uploading previews and such to the github repository linked above. Check back occasionally if you want to try out some levels. And please remember to give feedback!!

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Title: Re: [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
Post by: TheDoc on January 28, 2019, 11:37:06 PM
I don't see any ice cream; thoroughly disappointed.
Title: Re: [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
Post by: Gummywormz on January 30, 2019, 03:09:55 AM
First map is available. Please give any feedback if possible.

I'm trying to keep this as traditional co-op / single player as possible. This means no checkpoints (you can still save manually if needed) or respawning.

I've also elected to add a "Selective Exit" feature. If you set ICQ_SELECTIVEEXIT to a non-zero value, the map will need to be completed a certain number of times. This number is determined by playercount / ICQ_SELECTIVEEXIT. For example, setting the value to 2 will require half of the players currently in the game to exit. Setting it to 4 will require one quarter of the players etc. This was added to hopefully allow more players to see the map online. Also, all exits are now marked with a cut out of Auto, so hopefully there will be less confusion over what is an exit and what is a normal teleport for example.

I may work with others to do level design, but I would have to be very strict about the process so that's a thing.

Link (click source code zip, extract, load all wads):
Title: Re: [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
Post by: Laggy Blazko on February 07, 2019, 02:52:13 AM
I think these lines should somehow block the player. I got confused and fell down a few times.
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The map is alright for a first map, perhaps. Nothing too fancy. It didn't feel tedious. This part worried me but it was short enough not to be annoying, I guess.
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Title: Re: [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
Post by: Gummywormz on April 13, 2019, 03:03:11 AM
Update: Working on this again. Level 2 is finished.

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I also added a new item: an extra life. This activates upon pick up. When you reach 1 HP, you will fully heal, become invulnerable, and gain flight for 10 seconds. There will be one hidden in each level, though you can only get 9 of them and only one player can pick up each one. Also I did implement that one enemy...

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Remember to give feedback! The levels are uploaded to the Github page as they are completed!