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The April Fools World Cup 2017

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Laggy Blazko:
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Fun day. The Zandronum forums and wiki having weird themes and autoplaying meme videos were some of my favourites.

/can/ was also nice.

NES Boy:
Tough Pigs had a "No News Tonight" theme. Here are the bylines that went with the articles:
No foolin’, we’ve got a lot of Muppet news to share!
Big news about the future of Muppet movies! Or not!
It’s been so long since we’ve seen the Muppets, we’re recalling what they looked like.
Our full report from just beyond the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image!
The Muppets are gonna be ALL OVER your TVs this year!
Strange behavior seen from the Muppet performers. What could they be planning??
40 years ago, the Muppets did a lot of stuff.
Fondly looking back at our memories of Muppets doing things.
The good news is that it just became slightly easier to complete your Muppet album collection.
You can use crayons OR colored pencils!
According to a report from some reliable sources.
Goodbye forever, Gonzo puppet.
Might there be news of a new Muppet TV show?? Think again!
Where have all the Muppet penguins gone?
Enjoy what’s left of the Muppets at Disney World!
See the Electric Mayhem, live from Henson Company storage!
The hat is not appearing on a TV or movie screen near you.
Yes! We found some Muppet merchandise! It exists!
I wonder if it was any good.
It’s never gonna happen.


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