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Hey guys, some time before registering, i made a forum inspired by outerforums, another forumotion forum.
(click to show/hide)Forum mechanics, duh.
A monetary system with Z-Coins
Friend points
Character sheets(you can put a custom character you made) with life bars.
Free roleplay thread. YAY, let's use our custom chars!
"Light and Dark" Roleplay thread.
A blog called "The blog"
Shop and new user wish. (Inspired by outerforums)
Once you register, i will need to confirm your account. Be sure to follow the rules or you will get a ticket to Banacation Island (a.k.a. Banned)

Coming soon:
(click to show/hide)Roleplay arenas.
Making bigger the portal
Any questions, feel free to post it here.

Sorry for double posting, but anyone has tips for the forum?

I'm not really interested in joining, but I'm very curious. What does a "light and dark" roleplay entail and how is it different from ordinary roleplaying?

--- Quote from: "zero1000" ---Sorry for double posting, but anyone has tips for the forum?
--- End quote ---

I ran a forumotion forum some years ago. Here's what I have to say off the top of my head.

1) What is the forum's actual purpose and subject? I don't think you'd be able to make a very successful forum unless it was catered towards a specific subject and demographic. Cutstuff, for example, is a forum created for discussions about CutmanMike's creative works, and by proxy revolves a bit around Doom mods and the Mega Man franchise.

2) It's not really a good idea to go around everywhere stating that you're inspired by another site. It's okay to be inspired and all, but putting that as your forum's general description is just riding on the coattails of another's success and does nothing to give your forum an identity of its own. Why would someone go to your site when they could instead go to the site it was inspired by, which is probably better and more expansive? What do you offer that it doesn't?

3) The visual theme is exceedingly bland and also does nothing to give the forum a sense of identity.

4) Putting people in a usergroup dubbed "troublemakers" is super rude, even if a person does happen to be problematic. Don't publicly shame people.


--- Quote from: "Kapus" ---What does a "light and dark" roleplay entail and how is it different from ordinary roleplaying?
--- End quote ---

It is a roleplay that features the conflict between a clan of light and a clan of dark. Sounds like ordinary roleplaying to me.

There's no more appeal than OuterForums provides, and even that place is boring. I'll be honest, I think it'd be better to take down ZeroForums and make this an OuterForums thread. They're essentially identical.

1) Actually, i could change the wording of below my forum title to "Roleplaying Forum"

2) See above

3) I'm not very good at coding or choosing themes, but i may choose one that ressembles the roleplaying theme of the forum.

4) I actually thought 123outerme thought it was a good idea for putting it, but maybe i will change the group to "Coders" just in case.

Thanks, i think i may make you an A-mod.

Also Cerikeno, 123outerme and everyone else on his forums barely even remember Outerforums. See JJ official forums chit-chat forum and look for outerforums thread, then look the last page.


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