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Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Poll discussion forum
« on: October 19, 2009, 05:29:38 PM »
To discus about the current poll at that time, sometimes it could be handy.

The Ghoul's Forest / Models and Skins in GvH
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:11:19 PM »
In my opinion they should be prohibited, it's a form of cheating. And I'll finally know who was cheating and who just got a good eye.

For the fairness of the game.

The Ghoul's Forest / Cyborg-ing
« on: October 11, 2009, 02:15:32 PM »
Maby you expected a hunter guide from me but that would be giving away to many professional secrets to my enemies ^^.

First off there is the new update which gives our metallic friend a different fuel supply. Which means more flying! Dashing is going to own as well. But we'll just have to wait.

Stuff you should know:
The cyborg is the slowest human, the most noisy one but he does have the most health (armor). Which makes no big difference anyway. His plasma bolts are slow but painful and can kill anything quickly. When he's out of ammo he fires little bolts that, unless the enemy is severely weakened, means your dead anyway.
Even though the cyborg has 100 ammo it's gone before you know it, so fire in bursts and use each bolt well. And use any opportunity you got to reload. Tap the jetpack instead of holding it down, it'll speed you up and it safes more fuel than holding it down. That doesn't work If you want to go up though. Jump should be used before pressing the jetpack button not while holding it. Looking up while strafing forward will make you go up faster, holding jump down while doing this will make you go UP slower. This is especially vital when stunned by a creeper.

Class vs Class
(FYI, i assume the other person playing the class is very good with it.)
Cyborg vs sjas.
Sjas' got the advantage everywhere except in small area's. Due the fact that your plasma balls are so slow and sjas is so terrible fast especially with sr50 and fly down. Try to avoid them in open spaces (They can easily dodge the plasma, and kill your sluggish robot before you know it) and flee to a more cramped area where you can own him with all your might. Watch out for the shield though when fighting in tight areas you don't want to own yourself now do you? If you do have to fight him in more open areas, use the plasma to create a wall between you and the sjas keeping him at a distance. Good sjas's tend to attack you from above instead of your face so always shoot a little up.

Cyborg vs creeper.
You have the advantage in every area, as long as you don't test your luck. (chasing it in the fog for example or up stairs.)
The creepers ball's are a pain in your steel ass. If your unlucky as little as 4 balls can kill you but you can easily return the favor. Another problem is that your plasma balls fire under your crosshair when your firing at something close. So remember to always aim above a very close creeper. A third problem is visibility, not because the creeper is hard to spot but you can't see him when your shooting at him, the damn plasma is in the way. So fire in bursts to keep track of it and always remember: it speeds up when you hit it. Again this is only a problem at close range only. So the best thing to do is keeping some distance between you and the creeper. Firing at it as struggles to get closer.
Some other obvious stuff if that the creeper makes a lot of noise and that you can fly when stunned.

Cyborg vs jitter.
The jitter doesn't like plasma spam because he has a very hard time dodging it and can't charge you head on. However he can teleport trough plasma and will zig zag towards you. If there are a lot of height differences he'll have no trouble at all killing you. But you are an idiot if you choose to fight jitters between mountains. Jitter is the opposite of sjas, open FLAT areas all the way,too cramped areas are a no go. Fight a jitter preferably in long (small) hallways, open flat areas with lots of escape points. If your really trapped you can still fly over him if you still have enough ammo(thank god for fuel soon). Too cramped area's are a no go because he can just teleport in and crunch you to death in a second, even before you can react. Another thing to remember is securing your exit when fighting a jitter. If a jitter is closing in try shooting where has to go if he needs to kill you when running to another area. It helps, really.

Cyborg vs Choke.
Nobody has the upper hand here, if he surprises you your dead if he can't he's dead. When it comes to a close encounter don't move backwards he'll munch you pretty quick, move side ways, because of his speed and you being dodgy he'll have a hard time getting your health down. That's also why he's a bastard in close quarters if he surprises you.
Don't run into bloodballs and don't chase him around corners unless you do it really quick after him. It's a cat and mouse game, if you stay on your toes you win.

Cyborg vs ???
Has icy breath and a melee attack and hes fast. Spam away.

Basically the cyborg is positioning and map knowledge. Keeping the ghouls at a distance is what you do best. Killing them along the way. Sure he's mighty strong in close quarters but so are ghouls. A sjas or a jitter dying an inch in front of your face is cool, but you better know you were a lucky bot living to tell the tale.

Gvh01(forest): Lot's of trees, lots of stuff to bump into. Don't run into the water it slows you down even more. Spare your ammo because there are no good resting places here. Sjas's are your worst enemies here.
Gvh02(Megadeath): Every class is equal here. In a highly crowed server just to avoid the big fights. The main tactic in this map is just running around. Nothing more to it.
Gvh03(Wagi caves): Your time to shine. The 2 long hallways are excellent for the cyborg. If you don't spawn there first you should watch out for the camping Carthief on the candles in the alcove.
Gvh04: Jitter map, like in Gvh02 there are no good permanent spots to defend. Shoot, move to the next spot and repeat. Being able to fly is a big help in this map. Try staying on the high road.
Gvh05: Stay inside, but don't camp. Keep on moving while fighting. The inside area's have a lot of small passages connecting one room to another, use them wisely.
Gvh06: Another good map for the cyborg, small low hallways. Watch out for creepers and chokes though.
Gvh07(Dark station): Mediocre map for you, because it's all outside and there are no good defense positions but lots of ways to escape.
Gvh08: Great map, but not so much for you :P, good camping points inside the building though. The forest is also excellent for loosing and fighting jitters.
Gvh09: Excellent map for a cyborg (even though it's precessor was more fun :'( ) Not much to say, it's a big map. The big lava-ish tunnels and the small hallways are your friends. The pillars are an excellent fighting area against jitterskulls if there is a face off in the middle. But "the temple" is creeper domain so watch your step.  
Gvh10(The spire): Not a good map for the cyborg, even with the new area your plasma stays slow as hell. Sjas and jitterskull really got the advantage here. That and there is a lot of rubble to bump into. Pray your up against chokes and creepers only.
Gvh11: Vents love you and you love vents but jitterskulls love vents too so be careful. Even though it's opposite of human nature, inside is a lot better than outside.
Gvh13(Urban decay): Don't even try, this map is JITTERRAAAAAPE!!!!. Go up and down the elevator to stall your inevitable death.
out of time :P, continuing it later

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