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hum... the probleme is that wadseeker doesn't download himself wad missing...

King Dumb:
Hey original-jerem! I've included some pictures so that hopefully we can get your problem fixed!

1. Make sure you add to your Wadseeker list.

2. Make sure that Wadseeker is putting the files someplace where Doomseeker can find them. In other words, make sure your Wadseeker file location (Wadseeker -> General) matches your File Paths location. Also, I think the error you're getting may have something about "Target directory is not set, is invalid or cannot be written to," so make sure the directory you use actually exists!
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Dear King Dumb,

Thank for you wonderful help, I found the problem !!
I am very grateful about you !

I hope meet you one day on any deadmatch !

proto_man 3000:
request: a tutorial for making classes from scratch in mm8bdm

Necesito su ayuda
¿Podría alguien con el skin plantman.exe pasármelo? por qué el enlace original ya no funciona


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