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YOUR ideas for Ghoul and Human classes

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Wow, I need to think on this one......
BFG CORP. Employee:
Looks like the ST "Base III" skin
MiniBFG: Similar to a Samus gun. Chargeable projectiles, damage while jumpcharging, etc.
W1Alt:A bomb. Creates a BFG explosion after 2 seconds.
W2Primary: Tripleshot: Sort of an UBERNERF BFG10K triple. Can kill you.
W2Alt:<ONLY WHEN CHARGE METER IS FULL (goes up over time)>
BFG bolt:
title says it all. An aimable BFG9000 shot. No nerfs. No friggin Y-axis irritation. No kill u.
And that's it.

I messed up, but please note in the future how much time passes between posts before deciding whether or not anyone will still find the subject you're speaking of relevant.

Scout from TF2! (If this is posted already, IGNORE.)

Scattergun/Shotgun that can shoot a lot of bullets into some ghouls. Or a shortstop. Bleh.

Auto-Pistol for those quick moments.

Bat or Sandman to discipline those mangrels.

Can go pretty fast, low health and is quite the quickster.

What is it's name?
The Rifle Cultist

What is it's story?
He's from a different dimension where Ghoul's have already whiped out the whole population. He was one among the very lucky survivors who could flee through a slipgate which was used by the Ghouls to reap one dimension by another. Unfortunately they picked up his trace and followed him... to our dimension (mixed with my own thoughts about a possible GVH backstory ^^)

What does it look like? (feel free to post sprites/images)
What I could I magine is a combination of Caleb and the Acolytes he was fighting. He wears a long coat which is partially tattered and is always wearing  sawed-off shotgun.

How does it play? (physics, abilities)
His main weapons are some sawed-off shotguns which he is dual whielding. They aren't that strong and aren't very accurate but because it are 2, they reload quite fast. He has a lot of shells.
He also got a flair which doesn't do much damage but illuminates dark rooms and when sticked on Ghouls deals some damage over time.

He also got a special mana resource. On top of these 2 weapons he can also use some magic abilities which require nothing but mana. Mana reloads rather quickly but he doesn't have much of it (can't spam and needs to use them wisely). A Rifle Cultist regenerates his mana anywhere and every time.
He is not as fast as the Hunter but a bit faster than a Marine.

His magic abilities are:
 - Dead Hand: Places handpring somewhere near the player for a short time. If Ghouls come near the hand they will suffer damage.
 - Firewave: Releases a wave of 4 fireballs which. The fireballs are rather slow but have deal good damage. Unlike the fire arrows they do not cause AoE damage until they hit the ground.
 - Spellbinder: Casts a fast single green sickle which also homes for the enemy but only for a certain degree. It deals less damage than the firewave but excels in long range. ... Itemid=193

Why does it belong on GVH?
I always had this mechanic of a strong magical user in mind who has access to good spells but is limited by mana. While trying to regenerate he flees and tries to keep enemies on distance (a bit of a hit and run character but not like Hunter). However, if they come close he can make use of physical weapons which gives him a nice dynamic.

Also, I think that the setting and mood of the character fits GvH quite well and another grim character wouldn't be too bad for the game. Also, I imagine this charcter basically as a nice transition between Hunter and Marine.

Dangerous Dave:

Once there was a town owned by a greedy landlord, he stole property and raised the rent whenever he could. One day this landlord got possessed by a demon and since the townsfolk hated him they burned him to the steak, covered him in cloth and turned him into the town scarecrow. Years later the town was abandoned while he remained in the field, yurei came over and granted him freedom from he steak as long as he worked for her. He agreed but deep down he was willing to kill her at any opportunity.

(click to show/hide)
Being a scarecrow for a long time has made him quite slow but also very tough (like 280 hp).
Attack (fire 1) 1000 yard stare: A devastating wide spread health draining stare that scares the life out of even the bravest of hunters, this attack power can drain and he has to stand still to recharge it.
Ability (fire 2) coward warp: holding this down makes him move like jitterskull, teleporting and such for when the field gets to frantic.

He would be perfect for open spaces (an area most ghouls avoid) forcing enemies to either fight him full force or retreat to the tighter areas (ideal for teamwork).

ENJOY :mrgreen:


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