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Ghouls vs Humans v3b7 Beta (beta12)- some playtesting wanted

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Laggy Blazko:
Oh dang, this was updated, I'd better host this beta instead.

But yeah, I've been playing this with people and we've liked these changes, so far. Apparently some people get stuck in the class info screen while playing as hunter and have to reconnect but I can't reproduce that.

Hm, it's understandable that the smoke and ice clouds, as well as cyborg's scan is a tad laggy (once multiple clouds get deployed anyway), but i wonder if it's your computer being very old? Otherwise i may need to tone them down, or limit them to like 2 or 4 at a time on the map. Atleast all the lag should be client-side, the way it's been coded. Do they start lagging after several are deployed or once merely ONE shows up? I dont know if this version has additional GL lights yet but the update i'm working on adds alot more, that could also be the cause of lag (though you can reduce or disable OpenGL lights entirely). Edit: Especially FB using 2 clouds + frost breath makes even my computer slow down when the lights are cranked up to max.

Sjas's ability lagging shouldn't happen though, especially if what i'm seeing is a LOT of echo's, which REALLY shouldn't happen. Guess i need to take a look at the scripts, make sure it only targets live enemies (assuming i missed adding that), or add some other limitations, i guess.
Though after all that testing (mostly vs bots) i never saw that bug before, oddly enough. Hm, maybe it's caused due to TLMS mechanics...?

Also you can play the Human campaign, just make sure to load up the Yurei Battle file with it as well, that one contains the Human campaign. If you don't include it, you'll get the default Ghoul campaign instead. If that doesn't work, then i guess that's another highly unusual bug.
Though i'm not sure if these bugs are there because of me or because your computer REALLY hates GVH, for some reason. Guess i'll also look into the cyborg issue, but it should let you fly when mid-air, and scan when on the ground.

Also good to see people are actually hosting it every now and then, guess i'll fiddle around with Hunter's class menu thing, gave it a good testing on TDM but i didn't fully take TLMS into account (TDM's just so much easier for testing things).
But next version should atleast fix the classinfo menu, and hopefully other bugs, too.
Edit: Also added the number of the latest beta version file to the topic name, so it should be easier to notice updates on a glance, i guess.
I also suspect having alot of custom content from the skins folder may screw things up, maybe it's more... stable without those included?
(Since the amount of stuff you can put in there is rediculous, you can even add in your own bots... As well as music, and who knows what else, besides just skins.)

Oh, wouldn't know a thing either about this v3b10 thing, either. Haven't seen it hosted by anyone yet, but it's not the official/original version. The original hasn't gone that far yet, version-wise, and at this rate i doubt it ever will, GVH's an old, old competetive gamemode, and those seem to die out in favour of casual stuff, and survival servers.

Well, here's a update that hopefully fixes most issues, otherwise, i fear it might be your computer if you're the only one with these issues (it's not even meant to be POSSIBLE for the code to use sjas's echo on dead bodies!). Mostly just consists of fixes (and a few small changes), it's a little outdated, but still functional to play in Yurei Battle/Flames of the Spire.

Small changelist:
(click to show/hide)*Extra failsaves to cyborg scan/echolocation scripts preventing them from working if the target (or sometimes the source) has died.
*Reduced the amount of actors (sprites) on cyborg's scan, and on Smoke Clouds.
*More GL lights and reduced frostbite's breath GL light (it lagged badly).
*Improved upon the class information list, it also gives information about singleplayer and basic server settings (for those who want to host their own).
*Nerfed Jitter (big suprise), by reducing his melee attack range (not his charge range) by a tiny bit.
*Weapons display all ammo types the humans carry, regardless of the weapon (for those with multiple ammo types, anyway).
*Better new-player notification that dies off after 3 displays (since it'll spam multiple times in a map during TLMS/LMS, as new a round starts).
*Creepers can pick up powers to piss off humans and deny them their upgrades, also gives creeper 3 stun ball ammo.
*Hunter's lightning arrow has a finite (but extremely long) range, and he must wait until the current arrow expires before firing another (because alot of stats are riding on that one arrow, multiple arrows would screw up the stats). Also more GL lights for mid-air arrows.
*Engineer/Hunter bots rarely drop ammo on projectile impact. (Really fills up the map, otherwise.)
*Many other small, tiny changes i cant remember...Hm, got the singleplayer to work properly yet, or does your computer hate GVH just that much...? I couldn't recreate the other problems, maybe the file didn't download properly or something, or as mentioned before, your computer might just really not work well with GVH at all.

Laggy Blazko:
Is there any disadvantage of using the scanner as Cyborg? It might need some kind of limit or some reason to not use it sometimes. It feels a little OP.

Hm, it has no real drawbacks (though you can turn it off if the blue stuff hurts your head), though it's not as cheap as to mark a creeper crawling across the map, either. Hiding/sneaky enemies like Creeper, and Sjas whenever he's stationary will not get marked unless the cyborg is close enough, with the regular infinite duration scan. The primary fire scanner won't mark targets through walls either, unless you are basically almost standing next to them.

The altfire scan temporarily marks them all in a reasonable range, even through obstacles, but he can't fire his arm while performing that action, so it's more of a backup tool to let camping humans know their enemy's whereabouts, or let humans see enemies through smoke clouds. Or just to find enemies to shoot at.
The main idea behind the scanner was so that Cyborg wouldn't have so much trouble focus-firing on nearby targets because those giant plasma shots take up practically half your vision, and Creepers are a real bitch to find and shoot without such aids, so it helps the cyborg, who has no area of effect weapon to counteract Creepers otherwise.

But i suppose if that ends up being too much, it's easily nerfed in various ways. Hm, i assume there was no lag for people using Cyborg's scanner or Sjas's echo ability? Those scripts can be somewhat intensive, and i had to switch them all to clientside so they wouldn't destroy the server's bandwith. So far this seems to have worked out fine.


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