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Mighty disappointed?


I ran across this while browsing the steam sale and I figured I'd share this just in case a few of you haven't heard of it.

20XX is the dream where Megaman meets Rogue.

Essentially, it's the classic MM platforming in a procedural generated level style of Rogue. However, it's still under development and there seems to be some issues with the generated levels/enemies being stupid.

Nonetheless, it's half the price (on sale) of No.9 and probably double the quality.

I already have it I just need to redownload it good game tho

20XX is still in early access, right?

I think, I will buy it, looks like a megaman clone for a lot but it seems really well made and very fast paced, like how could be a MMZ game with more "vertical" and higher jump stuff, size character/screen looks good too.  :)

3 years later...

30XX is currently in productions. And Mighty No. 9 is no more.


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